days of the week

Days of the Week



Sunday Monday Saturday
Friday weekend Wednesday
day off weekday Thursday
holiday Tuesday







1. Monday is everyone’s favorite day of the week! I completely agree, I somewhat agree, in the middle, yes and no, it depends on the individual, I disagree, I totally disagree!

2. I spent Tuesday night doing my homework and watching TV. Yes or no?

3. My parents’ friends visited us on Wednesday. True or false? Did your friends come to your house?

4. On Thursday evening, I went shopping at the supermarket. Is this right or wrong? Do you shop at the same supermarket or at different stores?

5. When do you finish work or school on Friday? How do people dress on Fridays? What do people wear on Fridays?

6. What time do you wake up on Saturdays? Do you work or go to school on Saturday? What do you do on Saturday afternoon? What do your friends do on Saturday night?

7. On Sunday, most people go to church.


8. We sometimes have three or four day weekends, or three or four day holidays. True or false?

9. Does everyone have the weekends off, or do some people work on weekends?

10. What can you say about going to the movies (movie theater), restaurants, cafes, clubs, discos?

11. What do people think of Friday the thirteenth?

12. What days would you like to work or go to school, and what days would you like to have as days off?

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