Danish national symphony orchestra

The Danish National

The Symphony Orchestra




oboe concert concert hall
opera saxophone opera theater house
choir trombone brass band
chorus conductor wind instruments
flute orchestra acoustic guitar
violin acoustics double bass
cello clarinet opera house
harp trumpet performance
drums bassoon French horn
tuba audience bass guitar
piano xylophone classical guitar


Video, until 2:40 or 6:00



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Flute. This was a music video. It featured a pop band. True or false?

Clarinet, Oboe. In the beginning, did the entire orchestra play?

Trumpet, Trombone. Did the orchestra use only conventional musical instruments? Did they use electronic equipment and computers to generate sounds?

Saxophone. The chorus sang lyrics to a song. Did they sing words to a song? Is this right or wrong?

Violin, Cello, Double Bass. Was the conductor an old, European man?

The musicians were wearing cowboy clothes or Western outfits. Is this correct or incorrect?

Drums. Did the audience like the performance, dislike the performance or in the middle?
French Horn, Tuba. I have seen the movie The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Yes or no?

Chorus, Choir. Have you heard this song before?

Harp. My friends and I can play musical instruments. True or false? Would you and your friends like to be professional, classical musicians?

Piano. Is there a symphony orchestra in your city? Have you attended a philharmonic or classical concert?

Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar.
Are philharmonic concerts popular? Who attends classical concerts?

What might happen in the future?

Cimbalon, Hammer Dulcimer. What could or should people and governments do?

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