dance of the Cossacks

The Dance of the Cossacks

Again with the Moscow scene as a backdrop, here’s more incredible footwork. To music by Boris Alexandrov, the exciting, powerful dance of the Cossacks.




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1. There was a dance performance in a concert hall. True or false? Was it wintertime?

2. Were the dancers women, men or both men and women? Were they wearing jeans, T-shirts and sneakers?

3. In the beginning, what were they doing? Were they two dancers? Approximately how many dancers were there?

4. They Cossacks were only dancing. Is this right or wrong? Were their moves easy, difficult or very difficult?

5. Were they dancing on a mat? Were they wearing rubber-soled boots or hard-soled boots?

6. They were dancing with tambourines. Yes or no?

7. In the end they were wearing the same clothes. Is this correct or incorrect?


A. It was a very exciting dance. Yes or no?

B. I have seen dance performances like this.

C. My friends and I want to do this dance; we want to dance like the Cossacks.

D. Do you think it’s easy and natural for the dancers, or did they have to practice . . . practice . . . and practice?

E. Russians are the BEST dancers! What do you think?


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