Dachas, one




czar notice (2) waterway
cruise quaint connection (3)
sauna dweller riverbank
place escape appear (2)
soft increase popularity
enjoy spot (3) year-round
proud reliance grow/grew/grown (3)
rustic charming side-effect
steam crowded bite/bit/bitten
bit (2) heart (2) dramatically
charm wooden complete
soft-spot fascinating






This summer, when you’re on your waterways of the Czar’s Cruise, you’ll notice lots of quaint, wooden houses along the riverbanks. They’re called dachas.

They’re so popular, it’s been said that nearly half of Russian city dwellers have one. The dacha is a charming part of most Russians’ lives.

Originally a place to escape crowded city apartments in Soviet times, the dacha’s popularity has increased dramatically. In fact, some people, called dachniks live there year-round.

Russians enjoy the connection with nature and also use the dacha as a place to grow their own fruits and vegetables. They’re proud of their self-reliance, perhaps a side-effect of life in the Soviet times.

Of course, no dacha would be complete without a banya, which is similar in many ways to a nice, steaming sauna.

While some dachas appear a bit rustic on the outside, that’s part of the charm.

There’s a soft spot in every Russian’s heart for the dacha. This is just one of many fascinating parts of Russia.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *




Tent. The dachas in this video were in the mountains. True or false?

Cabin. Does everyone in Russia have a dacha?

Cottage. Are dachas becoming more popular, less popular, or has it remained the same? Are more people buying or building dachas?

Family Home, Detached House. Dachniks only stay in dachas during the weekends and summers. Is this right or wrong?

High-Rise Apartment Block. Do people only love urban (city) life: discos, restaurants, clubs, museums, office buildings?

Villa, Mansion. While staying in dachas, people usually eat hamburgers and pizzas. Is this correct or incorrect?

Palace. All Russians prefer new, modern-style dacha houses. Yes or no? What special feature do many dacha have?


Country, Farm. I have a country cottage. True or false? Do your friends have country homes?

Village. Are country homes popular where you live? Do many or most people own them?

Small Town. What do people do during the weekend, holidays and summer vacations? What do they do in their country homes?

City, Urban Area. My friends and I want to live in country homes in villages permanently, year-round. Yes or no?

Metropolitan Area. What might happen in the future?

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