cyprus one

Cyprus, one



island corner divide
part north south
east west ethnic
while inhabit capital
fourth quarters (2) population
section majority belong to
value honor loyalty
enjoy prepare ancestry
contain mixed stuffed
rod stew beverage
liquor anise speak/spoke/spoken
primary secondary tertiary
widely cards backgammon
picnic gather especially
rugged dominate landscape
thick range stretch
peak above rise/rose/risen
level chief sea-level
region land agriculture



Cyprus is an island in the north-eastern corner of the Mediterranean Sea. It lies about 65 kilometres south of Turkey, 95 kilometres west of Syria, and 760 kilometres south-east of Greece.

Cyprus is divided politically and culturally into two parts: the southern part, which forms the Republic of Cyprus; and the northern part (the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus).

Ethnic Greeks live in the southern part, while those of Turkish ancestry inhabit the north. Nicosia is the capital of both sections.


Greek Cypriots make up about three-quarters of the population of the island. Turkish Cypriots make up most of the rest. The majority of Greek Cypriots belong to the Orthodox Church of Cyprus, one of the Eastern Orthodox Churches. Most Turkish Cypriots are Muslims.

Greek is the primary language of the south, and Turkish in the north, but English is widely spoken by both communities.

The centre of society for both Greek and Turkish Cypriots is the family. Both communities place great value on family honour and loyalty.


Greek and Turkish Cypriots enjoy similar kinds of food. Many dishes are prepared with olive oil and contain meat mixed with vegetables. Favourite dishes include souvlaki (meat cooked on a long rod, usually with tomatoes and onions), gemista (stuffed vegetables), and tava (lamb stew).

Popular beverages include beer, brandy, soft drinks, and wine. Cypriots also like to drink an anise-flavoured liquor called ouzo in Greek and raki in Turkish.


Cypriots enjoy sports, especially soccer and swimming. They also relax by playing cards and backgammon and by taking family picnics to the beaches or mountains. Coffee houses are popular social gathering places for people in both communities.


Two mountain systems dominate the landscape of Cyprus. The rugged Kyrenia range stretches along the northern coast. Parts of the Troodos Massif, in the south-west, are thickly forested. Mount Olympus, the range’s highest peak, rises 1,952 metres above sea level. Between the two systems lies the Mesaoria Plain, the island’s chief agricultural region.


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1. Is Cyprus a European, Asian, or Mediterranean island?

2. Cyprus is a united country. True or false?

3. Describe the demographics (the population) of Cyprus.

4. Family ties in Cyprus are very strong (close). Is this correct or wrong?

5. Is Cypriot cuisine similar to your country’s cuisine?

6. What are some popular hobbies and pastimes on Cyprus?

7. Cyprus is a flat island. Yes or no?

8. Where is the main farming area?
A. Do you live in Cyprus? Are you from Cyprus?

B. I have met people from Cyprus. Yes or no?

C. Have you visited Cyprus? If yes, what was your impression of the island?

D. I would like to live on Cyprus. Do you agree?

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