criticism and feedback

The Number One Skill



buddy copywrite entrepreneur
leader point out sell/sold/sold
escape absolutely write/wrote/written
slavery personally speak/spoke/spoken
able to figure (3) grow/grew/grown
thrive cut it (2) build/built/built
solo dominate sustainable
allow struggle impact (2)
tactic criticism seek/sought/sought
coach feedback entrepreneur
reality employee take it personally
saying still (2) master (2)
main up front empire (2)
go solo stuck (2) be my own boss
adapt seek out methodology
ego identity constantly
hire right (4) know/knew/known
coach surround consultant
belief income perspective
chase call out see/saw/seen
dumb ruthless somewhat
advice goal (2) take/took/taken
strong level (2) bottom line
willing strategy when it’s all said and done
shiny object (3)

By Valentin C.

Asking for Advice

The other day, I asked my buddy Steve what the single most important skill is for entrepreneurs.

And his answer surprised me, somewhat.

Because it’s NOT





Or even leadership…

An Empire

I must point out up front, those things are absolutely important. And if you master even one of them you could probably build a 7-figure income.

But to grow beyond the million dollar level, to build a sustainable empire that impacts millions of people and gives you true financial freedom — those skills alone won’t cut it.

So what will?

Here it is: the Number ONE skill that will take you from being stuck and struggling” to dominating your industry is . . .

The ability to seek out and respond to criticism, feedback, and coaching.


In reality, most entrepreneurs take criticism far too personally. They allow their strategy to become a part of their identity. They say the main reason they went from being an employee to going solo is the escape scoldings and be their own boss.

However, it’s their egos that gets in the way of doing what’s best for their business.

As the saying goes “You can either be right, or you can be rich,” because 99 times out of 100 . . . You DON’T know best. And neither do I.

Coaches, Consultants, Google

That’s why I’m constantly hiring coaches and consultants and surrounding myself with smart people who have different skills, perspectives, and beliefs than I do.

And so do all great leaders.

They’re able to point out the things I don’t see. And call me out when I chase “dumb ideas” and “shiny objects” (which sometimes happens).

The bottom line?

Be coachable.

Accept Feedback and Criticism

Learn to take criticism and advice from the right people with a smile. Make it your goal NOT to “be right”, but to be “less wrong” every day.

Because when it’s all said and done it’s not the smartest, strongest, or hardest working entrepreneurs who thrive — but those most willing to adapt.

And getting ruthless feedback and criticism is how you adapt faster.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. The theme or main idea of the text came entirely from the writer. True or false?

2. According to his friend, is the most important aspect of business marketing and advertising?

3. Everyone innately and subconsciously loves to be criticized and receive feedback. Is this right or wrong?

4. Who are more adverse to receiving criticism and negative reviews, employees, bosses and entrepreneurs?

5. In business, there’s a saying, “You can either be right; or you can be rich.” What does this mean? Elaborate on this.

6. Do great leaders stand alone and lead entirely by themselves?

7. The most successful people are the smartest and work the most. Is this entirely correct, mostly correct, in the middle, partially correct, or incorrect?


A. Describe the traits or qualities of your company or favorite company?

B. Can you think of people or companies that have succeeded though sales, marketing, advertising, promotion or branding?

C. I know some or many people, companies or organizations that reject or ignore criticism and feedback. Yes or no?

D. What people, companies or organizations are very open to criticism and feedback?

E. How do people feel about (giving and receiving) criticism and feedback?

F. What will happen in the future?

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