crepes albania




dwell capital sell/sold/sold
rule open up for instance
olive oregano choose/chose/chosen
sauce prepare before (2)
goat version all sorts of
fold once (2) customers
cents on the go equivalent
option whether run/ran/run (2)
fresh selection bring/brought/brought
bit (2) show (2) traditional
tasty so much change (2)
stroll for them





Tirana, the capital of Albania. The once communist ruled country is opening up.

On the main shopping street, city dwellers meet in small, fast-food restaurants.

Take this crepare for instance. About two thousand crepes are sold here every day. Customers can choose what goes into them from a selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, and all sorts of sauces.

The Albanian version is served with goat’s cheese, olives, tomatoes, and oregano. It’s folded together, and customers can eat it on the go. It costs the equivalent of 60 cents to a euro eighty.

Gezim Kesaj runs this crepere. But he didn’t get this idea from France. He brought it with him from Greece.

Why do the Albanians like it so much?

Gezim Kesaj, Crepere Owner: “It’s fresh. And it’s prepared before the customers’ eyes. So it’s also a bit of a show for them.”

Gezim opened his first crepere in 2004. Now he runs six more in Albanian towns and in Kosovo.

His customers like more than just the taste.

Customer: “It’s quite a healthy snack. If I’ve been at the university and want a quick bite to eat, it’s a tasty and healthy option.”

Whether at lunchtime or a stroll in town, whether traditional or modern, with its large assortment of toppings, this crepere offers something for everyone. It’s for anyone who wants to taste the change in Albania, not just see it.

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1. Albania has changed a lot in the past decades. True or false??

2. Are luxury, high-class restaurants very popular among ordinary people?

3. Crepes are a favorite food in Tirana. Is this right or wrong?

4. Are they served and eaten like a pizza?

5. Did the recipe for Gezim’s crepes come from France? Where did the idea for crepes come from?

6. There is only one type of crepe. Is this correct or incorrect? Give examples of the toppings and fillings.

7. The owner say “it’s also a bit of a show for them.” What did he mean?

8. Is the owner of the crepere successful?

9. Why is it popular among students?

A. Are there crepes in your city or country? What do you call them?

B. There is only one type of filling for crepes. Yes or no?

C. Are there many creperes or crepe stands?

D. What other fast-foods or food joints are popular?

E. My friends and I would like to own and run a crepere.

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