The Crazy Twin





real crazy mischief
twin mirror dream (2)
mess trouble wave (3)
oops actually break (2)
kill hope anymore






Emily: Wow! Who’s that in my mirror? It looks just like me! But that’s not me!
Crazy Twin: Hi! I’m your crazy twin. And I’m going to cause MISCHIEF today, and get you in trouble.
Emily: This can’t be real. This must be a dream. If you are who you say you are, then copy me.

Wave with your left arm.

Wave with your right arm.

Emily: Wow! You’re actually copying me. You must be real!
Crazy Twin: Yes. I am real. I’m going to come out the mirror and cause mischief. Right now.
Emily: No, don’t come out. Wow!!!!
Crazy Twin: I’m going to make your bedroom a mess!
Emily: No, please don’t make my bedroom a mess! I’m going to get into so much trouble!

Crazy Twin: Haha! Haha!
Emily: No, please don’t jump on my bed! You’re going to break it!
Crazy Twin: Haha!

Emily: Oh my gosh! What have you done to my bedroom?!?

Emily: No! Come back!

Crazy Twin: I’m going to make a mess!
Emily: What are you doing in the kitchen? No stop!
Crazy Twin: Oops! Oopsy! Let’s mix it up and make it nice and messy!
Emily: Nooooooo! Stop!

Crazy Twin: Haha! What next?
Emily: Come back here!
Crazy Twin: Let’s bring this in the house!
Emily: No, please don’t bring that in the house! My mum’s going to kill me!
Crazy Twin: Whoops! Woooo! This is so fun! Hahaha!

Crazy Twin: I don’t need this anymore!

Crazy Twin: That’s enough pranking for one day. You’re such a goodie Emily; I hope you get into trouble!
Emily: Nnnnnnooooooooo!


*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Sister, Brother.
Emily’s Crazy Twin knocked on her front door. True or false? How did Emily meet her Crazy Twin?

Daughter, Son. Did Emily conduct a test with her Crazy Twin? What test did Emily do?

Mother, Father, Parents.
Emily’s Crazy Twin came in through her room window. Is this right or wrong? What did the Crazy Twin do in Emily’s bedroom?

Wife, Husband.
Did the Crazy Twin leave Emily’s room? Where did she go? What did she do in the kitchen?

Cousin. The Crazy Twin went outside. Is this right or wrong? What did she do in the living room?

Grandmother, Grandfather.
Did the Crazy Twin stay in Emily’s house? What happened to her?

Granddaughter, Grandson.
How did Emily feel? Why did she feel this way?
Aunt, Uncle.
Is there someone who looks similar to you or to your friend?

Fiancee, Fiance.
Do you know any troublemakers like Emily’s Crazy Twin?

Mother-in-Law, Father-in-Law.
I know several twins. Yes or no? Who are they?

Step-Mother, Step-Father.
Are you neat, messy or sometimes neat and sometimes messy?

Sister-in-Law, Brother-in-Law. Do you wish you could have a “double” or a “twin” sister or brother?

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