crazy english

Crazy English



giant glance at first glance
admire effective according to
fluent secret quick/quickly
fan (2) spend (2) not only that
twist rooftop added twist
gusto muster enthusiasm
shout muster carry out
rally beat (2) condition (2)
mass motivate vocal chords
tongue overcome diaphragm
shy point (2) confidence
vocal introvert charismatic
fail out loud present (3)
attend block (3) break through
boost figure (3) to the point
spur break (2) beating out
deter celebrity in the process
critic effective master (2)
crazy expand operation


Outdoor Event

At first glance, it looks like a pop concert, with performing stars and admiring fans.

But listen more closely….and you’ll see that it’s actually a giant, outdoor class.

The lesson being taught is English.

And the teacher is Li Yang.

Crazy English

Li has created what has become known as “Crazy English”. Using this method, he and his students claim that anyone can become fluent in English or any other language.

Quickly — and have fun at the same time.

The Secret

So what’s the secret?

According to Li, the traditional methods of grammar and written exercises are the hard way.

Not only that, but they are not really effective: people can spend years studying English, but still can’t carry out a simple conversation.

Li’s Philosophy

Li’s learning philosophy is “Any language is easy if you learn it with your mouth.” And “You cannot learn to be a successful swimmer in the classroom.”

This is nothing new.


What is new, is Li’s own added twist: shouting out English phrases and sentences. With as much gusto and enthusiasm as you can muster.

Students practice this technique by going behind buildings or on rooftops and shouting in English.

Or they attend mass rallies of up to 30,000 strong.


The idea behind shouting is that it conditions the vocal chords, tongue, and diaphragm. It is energizing and motivating. It helps people overcome their shyness and boost their confidence in speaking.

Though a highly charismatic presenter, Li himself started off as an introvert.

University Student

And as an engineering student at Lanzhou University in China in the late 1980s, he was failing in English.

He then discovered that reading his lessons out loud, especially in a loud volume, helped him break through learning blocks and master the subject.


Li practiced in this manner for four months.

When he took his final English exam, he had the second highest score in the university.

English, French, German

After graduating, Li found work at an electronics institute. But he continued practicing English, along with French and German, with this method.

His English improved to the point where he got a job at a radio station with English programs, beating out 1,000 other candidates. Li later became an English news reader at a TV station.

English Lessons

Spurred on, in 1994 he founded the Li Yang Crazy English Promotion Studio and began introducing Crazy English throughout China.

Today Li’s lectures take him across the country. In the process, he has become a celebrity figure with some 20 million current and former students.

Crazy Chinese

Still, critics have questioned the effectiveness of his methods.

But Li remains undeterred. Indeed, he plans on expanding his operations to Europe and North America — with Crazy Chinese.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. It’s normal to have classes like a music concert. Yes or no?

2. Grammar and written exercises are fun and easy. Do you agree?

3. What analogy does Li Yang use? What is Li’s learning method or technique?

4. Has Li always been a charismatic instructor?

5. Li Yang majored (specialized) in English philology. True or false? Was he a successful student?

6. What did he do after graduation? Li enjoys engineering more than learning and teaching languages. Yes or no?

7. Is Li and Crazy English popular? Does everyone love Crazy English?

8. His method can only work in China. Yes or no?

9. What do you think will happen with Crazy English?
A. How have you been learning English?

B. I have tried “Crazy English”. I have tried to learn English with the Crazy English method. True or false?

C. Would you like to learn English with Li’s method? Do you want to teach Crazy English?

D. Could the Crazy English method be applied in schools, companies and other organizations?

E. Could it help in your career, profession or hobbies?


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