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Tourism and Covid

in Portugal




lively employee try/tries/tried
eerie so far (2) spend/spent/spent (2)
calm take care of see/saw/seen
empty abandoned entrepreneur
coast spring (3) make ends meet
mainly survive (2) as best as she can
income food bank consequence
charity skyrocket at the moment
show up as soon as do-does/did/done
staff (2) buoyancy seek/sought/sought
tend handle (2) bad/worse/worst
allow get worse too little, too late
damage frustrate damage is done
restrict go down (2) strike/struck/struck (3)
rule (2) unemployed come/came/come
last (2) take a walk make/made/made
heart (3) employer ever changing
warn situation know/knew/known
show (2) turn into holidaymaker


Video: Coronavirus and Tourism




The Algarve. It’s always been the heart of Portugal’s beach tourism. Even today — but not like it used to be.

It’s mainly the Portuguese themselves, a few Spaniards and some French tourists.

In the many hotels along the coast, lively beach life has turned into an eerie calm.

Pedro Lopes, Pestana Hotels: “Fifty-five to sixty percent (55% to 60%) of the guests who normally spend their vacations here are foreigners. They come mainly from Germany, the UK and other countries.

But they’re not here now.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Cristina Mareiros sees the consequence when she takes a walk in the Praia Da Rocha: empty and abandoned shops.

The tour guide tries to make ends meet as best she can.

Cristina Mareinos, Tour Guide: “2020. Everything canceled. This year so far, everything’s been canceled. I’ve had some work, but no tours.”

Mareiros survives by giving courses for new guides.

Many people in the Algarve don’t have any income, as the charity Caritas experiences daily with its food bank in

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Maria Manuela Santo, Caritas Portimao: “We are taking care of four-hundred eighty (480) families at the moment; that’s 1,127 people.”

During the first year of the pandemic, the number of people in need skyrocketed. This spring, the number went down as soon as the first hotels reopened and sought staff.

But that buoyancy only lasted four weeks.

Maria Manuela Santo, Caritas Portimao: “Things will tend to get worse again.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

The fact that German tourists are allowed to travel again might be too little, too late. British tourists still can’t travel. The damage seems to be done.

Until the pandemic struck, fifteen percent of Portugal’s GDP came from tourism. That makes people all the more frustrated with the travel restrictions.

Joao Fernandes, Algarve Tourism Board: “We are seeing these ever changing rules. And for entrepreneurs, for the employees it’s very difficult to handle these new situations every week.”

Fifty-six thousand (56,000) Germans planned vacations for this July. That was before the warning.

Now no one knows how many of those holidaymakers will even show up.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Hotel, Hostel. Now, most guests in Portugal are from United States, Canada and Russia. True or false? Has the situation changed over the year?

Guesthouse, Bed and Breakfast. Are all shops, stores, restaurants, cafes, bars filled with customers?

Resort, Hotel Complex. Is Cristina Mareiros the tour guide very happy and delighted?

Beach, Oceanfront, Seaside, Coast.
Everyone in Portimao, Portugal goes grocery shopping in supermarkets and traditional markets. Is this right or wrong?

Pedestrian Mall. Has Portugal’s tourist industry been on a roller coaster ride? Have things gone up and down for the tourist industry in Portugal?

Church, Cathedral. Do hotels, workers and businesses like sudden changes in travel rules?

Museum, Art Gallery. Are the Portuguese optimistic, pessimistic, both, neither or in the middle?
Marketplace, Open Market, Bazaar. Tourism is an important part of my city, region and country’s economy. Yes or no?

Souvenir Stand, Souvenir Stall. Where do most visitors to your city and country come from?

Statue. In terms of tourists and businesses, have there been changes over the past two years?

Fountain. What might happen in the future?

Plaza, City Square. What should people, businesses and governments do?

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