Country Dancing




passion take it up infectious (2)
pray amazing with a difference
brilliant all the best whole new level
vote yeehaw country (3)






Head Dancer: “Howdy.”
Judge One: “Hello. What’s your name?”
Head Dancer: “My name’s Sean McKebran.”
Judge One: “Do you have a huge passion for what you do?”
Head Dancer: “Yes. I love Country Music. I love Country Dancing — everything about Country. And I think it’s quite big right now.
Judge One: “Alright. Well we wish you all the best.”
Head Dancer: “Thank you very much.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Judge One: “My oh my! You are the answer to our prayers: a brilliant dance move with a difference!”
Judge Two: “I want to how to do Country Dancing!”
Judge Three: “Me too!”
Judge Two: “That is so infectious! And thank you for bringing amazing energy to the show today. That was brilliant.”
Judge Three: “Absolutely brilliant. Lot of energy . . . fun . . . sexy . . . You’ve got everything going for it!”
Judge Four: “I’ve got to tell you, you’ve taken it up to a whole new level. This is great — one of the best things we’ve seen today.”
Judge One: “We are going to vote: Simon.”
Judge Four: “Yes.”
Judge Four: “Yeeeee haw!”
Judge Three: “Yeehaw, yes from me!”
Judge One: “A Yeehaw from me! . . . Four “yeses”, well done!”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Country and Western Dance. A woman came on stage and introduced herself. True or false? What was she wearing?

Ballroom Dance, The Waltz. Does Sean McKebran love, like, dislike or hate Country Music, Country Dancing and Western clothes?

Break Dance. In the beginning, were the judges and audience very enthusiastic about his performance? Did they like his performance, in the beginning?

Disco. The music, tempo and atmosphere suddenly changed. Is this right or wrong? What happened?

Hip Hop. What did the male dancers do with their hats?

Ballet. At the end, the audience booed. They said, “Boo boo boo!” Is this correct or incorrect?

Folk Dance. Was there a lot of energy and excitement during and after the dance performance?

Flamenco. Did the judges reject their performance? Did the judges all say, “no”?

Thai and Balinese Dance. I have entered talent competitions. Yes or no?

Bollywood, Indian Dance. Some of my friends, classmates and coworkers would like to enter a talent competition. True or false?

Peking Opera. Are televised dancing, singing, acrobatics and musical competitions popular in your country?

Modern Dance. Is there big money involved in musical, singing and dancing performances? Is it big business?

Hapok. Have talent shows changed over the years? Have they become more popular?

Caucasian Dance. Have you heard of Country Music and Country Dancing? Is it known in your country? Do people think it’s “boorish” and unappealing?

Latin Dance, Salsa. What will happen in the future?

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