Count and Uncount Nouns


Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Nouns can be divided into countable (count) nouns and uncountable (uncount) nouns.

Countable nouns can take the plural form and follow a cardinal number. We can count countable nouns.

Duck and pumpkin are countable noun (a duck, one duck, two ducks, three ducks; one pumpkin, two pumpkins).

Water, sugar and butter on the other hand, cannot not take plural forms and follow cardinal numbers. And we cannot count them, per se; they are uncountable.

Examples of Count and Uncount Nouns

Count Nouns, Singular

Count Nouns, Plural

Uncount Nouns

one banana two coconuts food
a chair, one table three sofas furniture
a personal computer four laptops hardware, software
a chocolate bar five cups of hot cocoa chocolate
one spoonful of sugar six teaspoons of sugar sugar
a glass of milk seven liters of milk milk
a secret 21 secrets of success top secret
a banknote, one euro a million dollars money

More Examples

Count Nouns, Singular

Count Nouns, Plural

Uncout Nouns

an eggplant (aubergine) two zucchinis a little produce
one car three rockets some transportation
a shrub, one tree lots of shrubs and trees much vegetation
a course, a lesson 21 classes lots of education
one liter of yoghurt twelve cups of yoghurt a little yoghurt
a glass of juice several glasses of juice enough juice
a sound Top 40 Songs too much noise
a painting seven sculptures not enough art


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