count noun singular

Count Nouns, Singular

With the Past Simple


Examples of Count and Uncount Nouns

Count Nouns, Singular Count Nouns, Plural Uncount Nouns
a pinch of salt several dashes of salt salt
a cup of tea a few cups of tea a little tea
a loaf of bread some loaves of bread some bread
a shirt, one hat, a belt a lot of shirts a lot of clothes
one song hundreds of songs much music
a bribe, a kickback lots of bribes a lot of corruption
an idea, a breakthrough many ideas much innovation
one minute/an hour 60 minutes/24 hours plenty of time
a road runner a herd of buffaloes abundant wildlife


There was and other Positive Past Simple Forms

There was refers to someone or something (singular countable nouns or SCN and uncountable nouns) that were present or existed sometime in the past.

There was + a/an/the/one + SCN.
Subject + past tense

● There was an owl perched on that tree last evening.
● We saw the same man on the wharf.
● Fiona worked with only one client at her previous company.
● The current prime minister was a radical in his university days.
A helicopter was hovering above the stadium.
One bird ate the entire apricot.

Negative Sentence Forms

There was + not + a/an/the/one + SCN.
Subject + neg. past tense

● There wasn’t just one bug in the program; I found dozens of others.
● Mansur didn’t have a car at that time. He commuted by bus.
● The auditor didn’t say a word as he examined the records.
● Mr. Jurek admitted that he wasn’t always a good student.
One person alone didn’t build this farmhouse; the neighbors helped out.

Yes-No Questions

Was + there +
Did + subject + verb-1 + a/an/the/one + SCN?
Was + subject

● Was there a giant Christmas tree in the square? —> Yeah. Here’s a picture of it.
● Did you see a security guard at the credit union? —> No, I didn’t see one (any).
● Did a scorpion sting your hand? —> No, a tarantula bit me.
● Was Zachery the founder of this company? —> No. He bought and expanded it.





Answer the following questions

Or respond to the following statements with yes, no, I agree, I disagree, that’s true, that’s not true/false, yes and no, maybe, perhaps, I think so, I don’t think so, sometimes, it depends. Say why and give examples.
1. Many successful companies started off with a single idea.
2. A pocket-watch was once a highly prized possession.
3. Does your school have a program for “gifted” students? For “slow learners”? What are they like?
4. Did just one individual invent or develop the computer?
5. At one time, my country had a king (emperor) and a queen (emperess). My country was once a monarchy.
6. There is an ancient or medieval walled city or fortress in the centre of my city.



7. Did you have a large collection (of marbles, sports cards, toy soldiers, dolls, comics, kids’ books)?
8. In the old days, everyone carried a gun or a knife.
9. In the old days, a single coin could buy a loaf of bread, a shirt or a night in an inn.
10. Every family owned or lived in a house in the past.
11. Our neighborhood once had a tailors, a shoemaker, a dressmaker, a watch repairer, a bakery.
12. Visiting a nearby town or city was a great adventure for most people.


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