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Coronavirus and Tourism




plenty space (2) see/saw/seen
remain miss (2) destination
by now book (2) get/got/got-gotten
endure situation feel/felt/felt (2)
divorce powerless begin/began/begun
quite motivate tell/told/told
list mean (3) good/better/the best
slip up skyscraper make/made/made
impact employee understand/understood/understood
policy vaccinate population
allow incidence never mind
enjoy regional pay/paid/paid
odd caution reverse (2)
rate like with tour operator
loss complicate make it (2)
client infection early/earlier/the earliest
flight disaster leave/left/left (2)
slip (2) struggle quarantine
fill optimistic come/came/come
hope pass (4) file for divorce
as well market (3) reservation (2)
serene underway preparation
pool keen on maintenance
annual spacious invasion (2)


Video: The Coronavirus and Tourism



A beach that usually sees tens of thousands of people now with plenty of space. The high tourism season may have started but Benidorm is still half-asleep. The popular holiday destination is missing its main summer visitors: the British.

And that’s why almost half of hotels remain closed here.

Among them the Rio Park. In normal times, its four-hundred (400) rooms would be booked by now.

Miguel Angel Correa, Hotel Manager: “You feel powerless. We needed to endure this situation for a long time already. In the beginning we were told it would be one, two, or three months.

But the months have passed. And it is not getting better. And that can be quite demotivating.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Spain hasn’t made it on the United Kingdom’s green list, meaning British tourists need to quarantine for ten days when they get home.

It’s a disaster, not just for Benidorm’s hotels: taxi drivers, shops and bars are also feeling the impact.

And the few British that have made it here, like Dave from Liverpool, cannot understand the policy.

Dave, British Tourist: “They’re telling us that seventy percent (70%) of the population in Britain is vaccinated. So why aren’t we allowed to come to Spain and enjoy our six-week holidays? It’s just a big odd. Never mind; we need to enjoy the sun.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Locals say the UK looks at the national covid-19 incidence rate — not at the regional.

Benidorm’s infection rate is 25.

But even the local hoteliers’ group understands the British caution.

Toni Mayor, Hosbec Hoteliers’ Association: “They don’t want to get started with one country — and then reverse, like with Portugal. That would be a loss for all the tour operators and complicate it for clients as well. They need to leave earlier and pay another flight.

The British don’t want to slip up again.

Despite the struggle to fill the city’s skyscrapers, there is still hope. Mayor remains optimistic that British tourists will finally arrive in the coming weeks.

Toni Mayor, Hosbec Hoteliers’ Association: “This has been going great for sixty years. Why should we change anything? When you are happily married, you wouldn’t file for a divorce, either.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Miguel Angel too is waiting for the Brits. In July his hotel will reopen — there are already reservations, but mostly from Spain, an important market too.

Preparations for the guests are underway. The opening has been a long time coming.

Miguel Angel Correa, Hotel Manager: “This hotel has one-hundred thirty (130) employees. And at the moment, only five of them are working, in maintenance and management.

We miss our employees and are really keen on getting started again.”

With its serene pool and spacious beaches, Benidorm is waiting — hoping for the annual invasion of British holidaymakers. Better late than never.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Hotel, Hostel. As of July 2021, Benidorm is packed with tourists. In the report, tourist have flocked to Benidorm. True or false?

Guesthouse. Does Miguel Angel, the hotel manager feel relaxed and unstressed about not being busy?

Beach, Seaside, Shoreline. Why is Benidorm quiet at the moment? Do only hotels and hotel workers feel frustrated?

Restaurant. Dave the British tourist agrees completely with the UK’s travel rules. Is this right or wrong?

Cafe, Bar, Pub. Besides covid infections, is there another reason why the British government and British travelers are wary about the situation?

Club, Disco, Nightclub. Is Toni Mayor, president of the hoteliers’ association hopeful or pessimistic? What analogy did he make?

Tour, Tour Bus, Tour Guide. Are eighty percent (80%) of Miguel Angel’s employees currently working?
Swimming Pool. The pandemic has affected tourism, hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, discos in my region. Yes or no?

Souvenir Stand, Souvenir Shop. Are locals (and tourists alike) suffering as a result? Do they complain or commiserate?

Castle, Palace. Do people want strict lockdowns and restrictions, do they want everything to open up and a return to normalcy, both, in between or it depends?

Church, Cathedral. What might happen in the future?

Museum, Art Gallery. What could or should governments and people do?

Folk Dance, Folk Music. Are there any upsides or positive outcomes about travel restrictions?

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