coronavirus and tourism

The Coronavirus

and Tourism



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Video: The Coronavirus and Tourism



From Paris to Brussels. European capitals that should be filled with people lie almost empty. And silent.

With borders closed and members of the public forced to stay home, Europe’s tourism industry is in dire straits.

The European market accounts for half of world tourism, according to the EU commission. It fears that the tourism economy within the twenty-seven nation block could fall by up to seventy percent (70%). That could result in the loss of up to four-hundred billion euros (€400 bn) for the industry.

Spain is the most popular tourist destination in the EU. It’s also the world’s second most visited nation. But there are no visitors these days.

For bar owners like Pablo Gonzalo, it’s a worrying time.

Pablo Gonzalo, Bar Owner: “The year 2020 is practically blank. Many businesses will not reopen because they won’t be able to continue.

Right now, the only thing to do is to look month-by-month, and not think about the distant horizon.”

Across the border, the Portuguese government has said it will start reopening hotels in June, for those that are still in business.

Others are taking things into their own hands. In Berlin, hotel and restaurant owners have taken empty chairs to Brandenburg Gate to illustrate just how tough life has become for them.

Rene Kaplick, Restaurateur: “Berlin lives on tourism. If we don’t support our hotels and restaurants with this action, who will?”

Most European governments are already offering more financial support to tourism and travel sectors.

But for some businesses, it may already be too late.

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1. At the moment, tourist attractions are packed with visitors. True or false?

2. Are tourist revenues increasing, decreasing or remaining the same?

3. Why is this happening?

4. Is Pablo Gonzolo the bar owner optimistic, pessimistic, both or neither?

5. Will there be a complete lockdown for the remainder of 2020?

6. Some people have been protesting. Is this right or wrong?

7. Are businesses completely on their own? Are they completely at the mercy of covid-19?


A. Tourism is an important part of our local economy. Is this correct or incorrect? Does your city have many tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, transport services?

B. Have things changed over the past few months?

C. Do you know anyone directly affected by the epidemic? What do people and the media say?

D. What are some future scenarios?

E. What can or should people and governments do?

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