Case Study 2: Consultancy

The second story concerns Mr. Verhaeren. He works for an accounting firm and specialises in auditing.

On account of his English, he was assigned to provide consultancy at various organisations in countries with emerging markets.

Workshops, Advice

One such place is a government department that regulates credit unions in farming regions.

There Mr. Verhaeren holds workshops and works with inspectors and auditors, giving them technical—and at times, ethical—advice.

Explaining in English

However, though he is supposed to work mostly with certain key individuals, such as the director and senior legal and financial experts, he ends up communicating mostly with three young auditors—the only ones in the organisation who speak proper English.

Case Study 3: Go-Between

Whenever students at a small university (college) had questions or concerns, they looked to Jana, assistant director of student services.

Until one day when…she vanished.


Her replacement informed students that Jana had gone to London.

There she now acts a go-between between workers from her country, a work placement agency, and various businesses.

A Go-Between

In this capacity Jana facilitates, advises, represents, interprets, brokers, hears out complains, resolves disputes, and mediates — all the while earning far more than in her previous job.

She attributes her success to her background in business administration and her fluency in English, both of which she had obtained from her old university.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

1. What is Mr. Verhaeren’s primary specialty?

2. Does he also perform other tasks? What and why?

3. What is meant by “ethical” advice? Give examples.

4. Mr. Verhaeren only deals with top managers. True or false?

5. What was Jana’s old job?

6. What is her new job? Why did she change jobs?

7. Give some examples of Jana’s duties.

A. How would fluency in English help you or your friend’s career?


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