computer programmer 10

Max the Coder



part cause think/thought/thought
daily routine too much
Word start think out of the box
create creative rubbish (2)
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app tend code (2)
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“I think coding is a very, very, very big part of my life because it’s my daily routine: eat, sleep, code, repeat.

I LOVE it!

You can do so much with it.

And it makes you so creative. And it helps you think out of the box.

The standard ITC lesson right now, in the normal school, is learning how to use Word.

That’s rubbish!

You know, you’re never going to use Word as a job, you know.

The people who make the computers, people who made Word, they coded it. They didn’t make Word in Word.

I would describe it as the way that people make websites, your apps, that website you always use: Facebook, Twitter, Google — it was all coded.

I tend to think of ideas that can help the world — cause Facebook helped the world. It helped the world a lot. And when I find something that can help the world, I just start coding it.

If many, if loads of other children started coding, the job rate for coding would be a lot lower. But that’s a good thing because more people will have jobs as coders.

I think that if you open up coding, it’s going to be great.

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1. Playing and watching soccer is very important to Max. Is this true or false?

2. Do his parents or teachers force him to do computer programming? Do his parents say, “Do computer coding. You MUST do computer coding.”?

3. According to Max, is coding very mechanical and logical, or is it very creative and imaginative?

4. What does he think about schools teaching students MS Word?

5. Does he think computer programming or coding is just fun and games, or does he think it’s very important?

6. Max thinks more children should learn only math, science, reading and writing. Is this correct or incorrect?

7. What does he say about the labor market?
A. Have you studied computer programming or coding?

B. Do you know anyone who is like Max?

C. There are many computer coding, programming, graphic designing, software engineering, web designing and writing jobs. There are many IT jobs. Is this right or wrong?

D. Should more schools teach more children how to program?

E. What will happen in the future?


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