Comparatives, one

The comparative compares two nouns or two nominals.

Structure of Comparative Adjectives

Comparative = (adjective)-er/ier or
Comparative = more + adjective



Adjective Comparative
strong stronger
fat fatter
easy easier
creative more creative
stubborn more stubborn
dynamic more dynamic




Structure of Comparative Sentences: Intensifying

  Forms of the verb be: be, am, is, are, was, were, been, being

The basic sentence form with comparatives is

  Subject + be (not) + comparative + (than + object).

• Dogs are bigger than cats, usually.
• Tortoises aren’t faster than rabbits.
• I am younger than my wife.
• Oana’s room is cleaner than her brother’s (room).
• The weather was cooler ten years ago (than it is now).
• Using a word processor is easier (and more fun ) than writing by hand.
Yes-No Questions with Comparatives

  Be + subject + comparative + (than + object).

Are bananas cheaper in the summertime?
Is ice hokey more exciting than soccer?
Were teachers stricter when you were in school?
Is mocha more flavorful than cappuccino?
WH Questions with Comparatives

  Which/what/who + be* + comparative, (noun-1 or noun-2)?

What + be* + the difference between + noun-1 and noun-2?
How do/did noun-1 and noun-2 differ?
How do/did noun-1 differ from noun-2?
* not am.

• Which is more comfortable, cotton or polyester clothes?
• Which is more delicious, restaurant meals or your grandmother’s cooking?
• How do fishes and whales differ?
• What are the differences between Austria and Australia?





Respond to the statements or answer the questions. Say why and give examples


1. I am older than my wife (husband). Husbands are usually older than their wives. True or false?

2. Are restaurant meals more delicious than your grandmother’s or aunt’s meals?

3. Which are more comfortable, cotton or polyester clothes?

4. Joan’s room is neater than her brother’s room. Tom’s room is messier than his sister’s room. What do you think?

5. Cucumbers and tomatoes are cheaper during the winter. Is this correct or wrong? Are apples and bananas more expensive during winter?





6. Berlin is cleaner than Mumbai (Bombay). Yes or no? My city is cleaner than . . . . . Is your city cleaner now than in 1980?

7. Which is cheaper, a house in Holland or a house in Australia? A house in the country or in the city?

8. What are the differences between your country, state or province and its neighbours?

9. Foreign women are more beautiful than local women; and foreign men are more handsome than local men. What do you think?





Business, Economics

10. Which is more expensive, education or ignorance?

11. Are factory-made carpets more valuable and expensive than hand-made carpets?

12. Who are friendlier, salespeople or cashiers? Townspeople or village people? People in Canada or people in Iran (or two nationalities you are familiar with)?


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