comparatives two

Comparatives, two


The comparative compares two nouns or two nominals.


13. Is international news more interesting than local news?

14. Is it freer now than it was in the 1950s?

15. Which is deadlier, a “terrorist” or your neighbor’s car?

16. Is traveling by car safer than traveling by airplane?

17. Which is more dangerous, a great white shark or a mosquito?

Education, School

18. What are the differences between public and private schools and universities?

19. Music, movies and fashions were a lot cooler when I was a teenager. Do you agree?

20. War is more exciting than peace. Yes or no? Having very little crime is more boring than having lots of crime.

21. Which is more difficult, your native language or English?

22. What is more helpful (for you), grammar or communication? Speaking or listening? Written or oral communication?

23. Which is “better” or “more important”, STEM courses (science, technology, engineering, math/medicine); or academic, liberal arts subjects (art, English, history, literature, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology, women’s studies)?


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