comparatives 3

Comparatives, three


The comparative compares two nouns or two nominals.

Daily Life

24. Which is more difficult, gaining weight or losing weight?

25. Foreign pop music is more popular (or better) than local pop music. True or false?

26. Are foreign made shoes, handbags, clothes and accessories more fashionable than domestic ones?

27. Which is more vital, your foot or your hand? Vision or hearing?

28. Money is more important than love. What do you think? What is more important, water supply or electricity?


28. Who are prouder, Greeks or Swedes? Spaniards or Norwegians?

29. Who are more conservative, working class or upper-middle class people? Are university graduates more liberal than high-school graduates?

30. Pop singers, actors and actresses, and athletes and sports stars become more famous than philosophers, scientists, artists and writers. Do you agree?


31. Who works harder, shop and small business owners or construction workers?

32. Filipinos, Mexicans and Vietnamese are lazier than Americans, Canadians and Australians. True or false?

33. Scientists and engineers are smarter (more intelligent) than entrepreneurs and other business people. Do you agree?

34. India is richer and more powerful than Switzerland. Yes or no?

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