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The Internet and Commerce

The internet is playing an ever greater role in retail sales. In just one example, studies show that 85% of consumers do research on any major item online, before actually buying it.

They are more likely to purchase things they see, read about or watch online than those that don’t have a digital presence.

Without a Website

Moreover, if a company does not have their own website, people subconsciously feel they are not professional and won’t take them seriously, no matter how good their product or service might be.

But despite all the disadvantages of not having a site, 46% of small businesses do NOT have one. This means nearly half of small businesses are losing out on potential business and revenue to those who do have one.

Creating a Website

So why doesn’t everyone create their own sites?

The main reasons are because they think that setting up and running one is too complicated and expensive for them.

But the reality is that these days, most web hosts, platforms and tools are user-friendly, meaning that virtually anyone, including those with no technical background, can set up, design and build their own websites and webpages.

Furthermore, these tools are very affordable (a little over $100 a year) and accessible to anyone with internet access.

Getting Started

So if you know nothing about having and creating your own website, how do you get started?

Simple: do an engine or video search for what you want. They will show you step by step, everything you need to know and do to create your own website.

I must quickly add though, you must be careful: many experts recommend web hosts and platforms that are overpriced, but not necessarily of good quality because they are affiliated with them — and receive a commission for everyone they refer and enrolls.


So make sure you do your homework and study as many different sites, articles, videos, authors — and most importantly independent user comments — to get a feel for what is best for you and your purposes. Actually, this is no different than buying any major product.

In the digital age, businesses need more than a great product or quality service to thrive; they must have an online platform to connect with prospective customers.

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1. When most people want to buy something, they simply go straight to a store. Is this right or wrong?

2. For a business, having a website does not matter; the most important thing is to have an excellent product or provide wonderful services. Is this entirely true, mostly true, partly true, mostly false or entirely false?

3. For this reason, do virtually all enterprises have their own website?

4. Why do many small businesses not have website?

5. What is the reality?

6. People should subscribe to the web host and platform that is on the top of a Google or YouTube search. Yes or no?

7. What should people do?


A. My friends and I have my own website, blog or social media account. Yes or no?

B. Does your company have its own website or Facebook account? Is someone responsible for its content and upkeep?

C. Is your organization’s website important for business?

D. What do you do if you want to buy something (e.g. groceries, shoes, jacket, device, car, vacation)?

E. What will happen in the future?


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