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Hello this is Marshal Silver. Welcome to side 5 of Passion, Profit and Power. On the next 3 sides, you will begin to think like someone who creates phenomenal wealth, so you can create outrageous fortune in your own life.

Did you know that 95% of all the wealth on this planet is controlled by 5% of the people? An even scarier statistic is that 50% of all the money on the planet, is controlled by 1% of the population. I guess that would be scary if you were not part of that 1% now wouldn’t it?

It’s also believed that if all the money on the earth were equally divided amongst everybody, that in 5 years it would be back in the same hands again. The people that are creating wealth right now, would keep doing the same things, and eventually the money would go right back into their pockets.

What genetic difference is there between the people who have the money and the people that don’t? You’re absolutely right. NONE!

It’s not genetic. And if it’s not genetic, then it must be mental. So if you knew what they knew, and then could do what they did, you’d experience the abundance that they’re experiencing.

Remember there is a difference between making money and making a profit. I know many people that make lots of money, but they have nothing to show for it. Profit is the ability to make and keep money.

Having studied the wealth habits of some of the wealthiest people on the planet, there are a few things that stand out, that you are going to now begin using, to get the material abundance that is rightfully yours.

As you begin thinking like a millionaire, you’ll begin taking on the wealth habits that they have, to create a natural flow of profit into your life.

The number one wealth habit, the greatest common denominator of the ultra-wealthy, is that wealthy people are master communicators. In fact, say these words out loud, “COMMUNICATION EQUAL WEALTH”.

There was a famous hypnotist named Milton Ericsson. Even though you may not have heard of Milton, you’ve probably heard of his work, NLP. Milton Erickson’s work was interpreted by two guys, Grindler and Bandler and they created a work called neuro-linguistic programming.

Milton used to say that the quality of your life is the quality of your communication, both with yourself and with the outside world.

The highest paid people on this planet are communicators and public speakers, politicians, entertainers, superstar athletes; people who are willing to put themselves at stake, in front of large groups of people, and communicate in a way that inspires other people to support them.

The reason that communicators are the highest paid people on this planet, is that the number one fear, in fact the fear that you might even possess, is the fear of public speaking. It’s the fear of getting up in front of a group of strangers, of one or 1,000 and saying something that would embarrass oneself.

In my total potential training weekend, I’ve motivated thousands of people to eat fire. These people just like you have broken through their fears, and placed 18 inches of flame into their mouths, safely and successfully. This is an extremely dangerous action, and definitely should not be attempted by anyone not thoroughly trained to do so.

At the beginning of the seminar, I ask people to tell me their greatest fears, and the top three in descending order are fear of public speaking, fear of falling, and fear of fire. People would rather burn up than get up in front of a group of people and speak.

Do you now understand that learning the skills of communication is paramount to getting the money that you want? Your success in life will be largely determined by your ability to communicate, both to yourself and to other people.

Now self-communication, that’s called programming, is the ability to talk to yourself in a way that inspires you to take action, powerful steps, in the direction that you want to go.

Communication to other people is persuasion, to inspire them to want your product or services or support you on your path.

In communication, you always get back what you put out. If you are having people tell you no too often, it’s because you’re asking questions or making requests that are fun to say no to.

In communication, we get back what we send out.

Test this out the next time you introduce yourself to strangers. When you meet someone, introduce yourself by just your first name, and notice what you get back.

The next time introduce yourself by first and last name, and notice what you get back. Chances are when you give your first name, you just get their first name back; and when you give your first and last name, you get their first and last name back.

When you communicate to yourself things like, “I’m such a looser, I’m never going to make much money,” it’s no surprise that your mind and body will respond to this program in a way that makes you what a loser does. In other words what you communicate to yourself is what you get back as well.

In communication, you get back what you send out. Effective communicator are also willing to be responsible for both sides of the communication. They take responsibility that the people they communicate with understand what they mean, and that they understand what the other person meant.

They never take for granted that someone understood them. And they always double check that they understood the other person. You’re not likely to hear an effective communicator or a wealthy person say, “You just don’t understand me!” They realize that it’s their responsibility to be understood.

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1. What do the numbers refer to? 95, 5, 50, 1.

2. What would happen if all the wealth in the world were equally distributed? If all the world’s money were equally distributed,

3. Rich people are genetically different from middle-class and poor people. Is this correct or wrong? What do you think?

4. According to the speaker, what is the number one wealth secret?

5. Who are the highest-paid people in the world?

6. Why are they the highest paid people?

7. What is the difference between self communication and communication to others?

8. People have to be responsible for their communication. Yes or no?
A. Do you agree that the main skill of super rich people is excellent communications?

B. Can you elaborate or give examples of wealthy people and good communication ability?

C. Do you have to communicate at work? When, how, and why do you communicate with others? Give examples.

D. How could you improve your communication?

E. What would be the payoff for improved communication?

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