colombia fruit stall

Fruit Stall




highway run (4) between
fruit stall (2) side
road look for fresh
healthy snack need to
stop by sell buy
everything cashew papaya
around (2) natural grow/grew/grown
remedy cure common cold
asthma cost operate (2)
morning noon afternoon
evening day night
location ideal sure
lots of traffic drive by
quite a few vehicles do business
donkey truck simply
everyone most export
still (2) staple (2) must
stall plantation produce
stock (2) customer also
love star quick
prepare fill filling
taste great nutritious
medicine medicinal effect
quite diabetes healthy
tasty reason pit stop





Colombia’s Highway 45 runs between Bogota and Santa Marta. Kemide Rodriguez runs a fruit stall on the side of the road.

Those looking for a fresh, healthy snack, just need to stop by. Kemide Rodriguez sells everything from maranjon, or cashew fruit, to papayas.

“This fruit is called maranjon. At least that’s what we call it. It’s grown right around here. It’s a natural remedy which is used to cure colds and treat asthma.”

A papaya from the fruit stall costs around one euro. Kemide and his wife operate the stand from morning till night. The location is ideal.

“Sure, there’s lots of traffic. Many tourists drive by here and we do good business. That’s why we’re here. People know us, so quite a few vehicles stop by. Donkeys, cars, big trucks, simply everyone. Most of them want to buy our fruit.”

Colombia exports lots of bananas. But they’re still a staple food here. So they’re a must at the stall. Kemide Rodriguez even has his own small plantation, which produces some 200 banana stocks a year.

But his customers also love star-fruit. It’s quick to prepare, filling, taste great, and is nutritious too.

“This fruit, the star-fruit, also has a medicinal effect. We sell quite a lot of it. It’s good for diabetics.”

Healthy and tasty. Two good reasons to make a pit stop at the Rodriguez family fruit stand off Highway 45.

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1. Where is the fruit stall? Why is the fruit stall there?

2. She sells several different types of fruits. Yes or no? If yes, give examples.

3. What are the operating hours of the stall? When is it open?

4. Are the fruits healthy? If yes, what can they do?

5. Only trucks pass by. True or false?

6. What do they say about bananas?

7. What can the star fruit do?

8. Is the fruit stall good business?
A. What are some popular fruits where you live?

B. Are there bananas, cashews, papayas and star-fruit in your country?

C. Fruit stalls are good business. Is this correct or wrong?

D. Are fruit and vegetables stalls in marketplaces popular in your city?

E. What might happen in the future?

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