closures and layoffs one

Possible Layoffs, one



proud plant (3) devastate (2)
hope paycheck depend on
impala stock (2) shut/shut/shut
after all compact announcement
literally cruise (2) bottom line
roll (2) union (2) assembly line
CEO employee closure (2)
chance investor take away
roll off reminder on their side


Video: Potential Layoffs, one



Tommy Wolikow is proud of working for General Motors. His father worked here too at the GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio, as does his brother.

Tommy’s always hoped his kids might one day find a job at the factory, too.

So the news has devastated him.

Tommy Wolikow, General Motors Employee: “You know, I feel that there’s a good chance that GM might literally shut its doors. And if that happens, I feel like our town is going to be . . . done.

Just finished.”

GM is the biggest employer in Lordstown. But the plant only produces the Chevy Cruise. After all, small and compact cars are not that popular in the US anymore.

Albert Sumell, Youngtown State University Economics Professor: “GM stock increased by about ten percent (10%) the day after they made the announcements.

So investors are happy with it because what serves the bottom line of GM and these companies is not necessarily what is best for these communities and certainly not what’s best for these workers.”

A Chevrolets Impala was the first car to roll off the assembly line here, half a century ago . . .

Sixteen million cars later, and the Lordstown factory could face closure — on March first next year (2019).

Tommy Wolikow, General Motors Employee: “There’s definitely still hope I think even the CEO of GM, Mary Barra, knows how important Lordstown is to all of us . . . and maybe why I’m doing this is just a reminder to let her know there are people like me, there are people like me that have children that depend — we literally depend — on being able to go to work and make that good money and get that paycheck at the end of the week.

And if you take that away from us, what are we going to do?”

Tommy Wolikow and others know that their union, the state government and President Trump are on their side.

They just hope they can keep their plant and their livelihoods going.


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1. The people of Lordstown, Ohio don’t like blue-collar work; they would rather work in offices and with computers. True or false?

2. Has working in the GM plant in Lordstown become an establishment, a fixture of the town?

3. If the GM factory shuts its doors, the workers can easily find other work in Lordstown. Is this entirely correct, mostly correct, in the middle, yes and no, perhaps, it depends, largely incorrect or completely incorrect?

4. Is the main reason for the GM plant’s business woes is foreign competition?

5. Everyone feels sad and distraught at the prospect of the GM closing. Is this right or wrong?

6. There is a conflict of interest in this situation. Yes or no?

7. Do GM employees feel very strongly about and attached to their jobs?


A. There are (many) factories and plants in my city. Yes or no?

B. What do locals (local employees) think of these factories?

C. Have there been closures? Why did the plants close?

D. What happened to the former employees?

E. What might happen in the future?

F. What can or should people do?

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