clay sculptor one

Clay Sculptor, 1



pour pour out thoroughbred
ability disability stark contrast
stark contrast fleeting image
tie (2) fleet (2) tie his shoes
sculpt rather to make sure
target benefit accomplish
savant appreciate





“Ten minutes.”

Ten minutes.

That’s how long he said it might take.

Nancy Mason, friend: “He never learned how to do any of this.”

Nancy Mason is a helper and friend of Alonzo Clemens.

Nancy: “It just began pouring out of him.”

Alonzo is one of 25 living savants in the world.

Nancy: “It’s a very small club.”

Someone with an almost super-human ability — that stands in stark contrast with their disability. You see, Alonzo can’t read, write or perform most other tasks that come easily to others.

Nancy: “What’s so cool is that when it comes to his art, he’s not disabled at all.”

He may not be able to tie his shoes, but show him a fleeting image of an animal on TV . . .

And he can sculpt it perfectly.

Not in hours, but in minutes.

And they’ll be worth thousands of dollars.

Alonzo and Nancy recently joined a website to sell his sculptures. They want to make sure that Alonzo benefits the most from his art sales, rather than a gallery.

However, they’re targeting a certain group of people.

Nancy: “Who we’re looking for are those people who have a sense of real appreciation for him, his art and what he’s accomplished in his life.”

Always smiling and full of life, Alonzo can’t keep his hands off of clay.

And what he said would take ten minutes, took under three — a beautiful thoroughbred.

Alonzo: “I like a California horse.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Who is Alonzo Clemens? What can Alonzo do?

2. Alonzo studied art at an art academy. Is this true or false?

3. Are individuals like Alonzo common or extremely rare? Are there many people like Alonzo or are there very people like he extremely rare?

4. Is Alonzo a paradox?

5. He needs to work with a model for a long time. Yes or no?

6. Do you think Alonzo is poor, working class, middle-class, upper-middle class or rich?

7. How does he sell his artwork? Why does he sell his works online? Does he sell to anyone?
A. Do you know anyone who is a savant or very talented?

B. If you could have any super talent or ability, what would you like to do?

C. What should the government and society do with regard to savants?

D. Does everyone have hidden, latent talents and abilities?

E. What will happen in the future?

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