Classroom Scene:

The Substitute Teacher




left off excuse me sell/sold/sold
write up looks like encyclopedia
seat quiet down take your seats
need treat (3) take/took/taken (2)
entire come back read/read/read
sub (2) get up (3) conversation
call all the way send/sent/sent
chapter get started come/came/came
cost substitute tell/told/told






Substitute Teacher: “Excuse me.”
Female Student, One: “Oh yes.”
Substitute Teacher: “Do you know where room 17 French is?
Female Student, One: “Yes, it’s . . .”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Male Student, Two: “You sell encyclopedias?”
Male Student, Three: “He looks like a substitute teacher.”
Male Student, Four: “Quiet down, quiet down. Take your seats. Take your seats.”

Substitute Teacher: “Quiet down, people! My name is Mr. Abagnale. That’s Abagnale. Not A-big-nolly. Not A-big-naily, but Abagnale!

Somebody please tell me where you left off in your textbooks. Excuse me people, if I need to ask again I’m gonna write up the entire class!

Take your seats!!!

Female Student, Five: “Chapter seven.”

Substitute Teacher: “Will you please open your textbooks to Chapter Eight,
and we’ll get started.”

Excuse me what’s your name?”

Brad, Male Student: “Brad.”

Substitute Teacher: “Brad, why don’t you get up here in front of the class here. And read conversation number five.”

Brad, Male Student: “Liz France A’s song generally man Donn’s learn pays cue, press que a sent lamond set impression . . .”

Lady Substitute Teacher: “They sent for me; they said they needed a sub for Roberta. I came all the way from from Dixon.”

Substitute Teacher: “I always sub for Roberta — excuse me why aren’t you reading?!?”
Brad, Male Student: “Jules . . .”

Lady Substitute Teacher: “I’ll never come back to Bellamy Jefferson again. You tell them not to call me. What do you think? It’s easy for a woman my age and all the money that it cost to travel? I tell you they don’t treat you right.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Chair. At the start of the video, a young man asked a girl for her phone number. True or false? What did he ask her?

Class(room). Did the girl answer the young man? Why didn’t she answer him?

Desk. The students thought the young man was a student. Is this right or wrong? What did the student think when they saw him?

Exam. Is the teacher’s (Mr. Abagnale’s) name easy to pronounce?

Homework. Was Mr. Abagnale nice and friendly, or mean and strict? What did he threaten to do?

Lecture. Did the teacher instruct the students to take notes? Did the teacher tell the students to take notes?

Notebook. Mr. Abagnale likes Brad. Brad is the teacher’s favorite student. Is this correct or incorrect? Why doesn’t he like Brad? What did Mr. Abagnale make Brad do?

Paper. Was the class interrupted? Did somebody interrupt the class? Who interrupted the class? Why did she interrupt the class?
Pen. I have seen the movie, Catch Me if You Can. Yes or no?

Read. Are there lots of TV shows and movies set in classrooms or with classroom scenes? Have you seen lots of TV shows and movies set in classrooms or with classroom scenes?

Pencil. Is your class similar to this, or is it different? How is your class similar to and different from this class?

Student. Are all students the same or are they different in classroom behavior?

Whiteboard. Do all teachers teach the same way or do they teach differently?

Write. My friends and I would like to become teachers.

Teacher. What might happen in the future?

Test. How would you like classes to be taught or how would you like students to learn?

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