classroom scene student presentation

Classroom Scene:

Student Presentation, one




weak aspect ignoramus
eager Quixotic give up (2)
thesis will (3) dominated
insist decide individual
evil comfort challenge
desire willing Darwinian
ego struggle submit (2)
awake compete Don Quixote
civil within know/knew/known
crime wake up keep it civil
risk indeed more often
group daring raise/rose/risen (2)
report get laid lay/laid/laid






Justin, Student: Each of us has within us a weak aspect, eager to give up freedom for the comfort of being dominated.

But we also have a will to power, that desires freedom that insists on deciding for ourselves, each of us individually, what is good and what is evil.

Are there any questions?

Teacher: Doesn’t anyone want to challenge Justin’s thesis?

Are you willing to submit to this Darwinian struggle with competing egos?

Hayward, Student: I’ve got a question.
Teacher: Ah, Mr. Haywood; you’re awake.
Hayward, Student: What’s Don Quixote know about power?
Justin, Student: What does an ignoramus like you know about philosophy?

Teacher: Keep it civil please.

Hayward, Student: What are you talking about? Are you talking about crime?

Teacher: Good question. You should wake up more often, Hayward.

Justin, Student: All real freedom raises crime. Indeed freedom is crime, because it thinks of itself and not the group.

Teacher: Thank you Justin. Very daring.

Justin, Student: Thank you.

Teacher: For those of you who are interested in Mr. Pendleton’s report . . .

Female Student: You really need to get laid, Bonaparte.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Chair. In the video, was the teacher was lecturing to the class the whole time?

Class(room). This is probably a math or science class. True or false?

Desk. Was Justin’s (the boy’s) presentation in ordinary English (colloquial, vernacular), or was it philosophical?

Exam. All the students in class were very interested in Justin’s speech. Is this right or wrong?

Homework. Did many students ask Justin questions or make comments?

Lecture. Justin and Mr. Hayward (another student) had a friendly, cordial exchange. They had a friendly talk. Is this correct or incorrect?

Notebook. Do you think Justin is smart or stupid (an idiot)?

Paper. The girls in class hates Justin. Yes or no?
Pen. I have seen this movie before. Yes or no?

Pencil. Is your class similar to this, or is it different? How is your class similar to and different from this class?

Read. Are there lots of TV shows and movies set in classrooms or with classroom scenes? Have you seen lots of V shows and movies set in classrooms or with classroom scenes?

Student. Are all students the same or are they different in classroom behavior?

Whiteboard. Do all teachers teach the same or do they differ?

Write. My friends and I would like to become teachers.

Teacher. What might happen in the future?

Test. How would you like classes to be taught or how would you like students to learn?

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