Classroom Scenes:

Literature Class




let’s go come on come/came/come
page sit down sit/sat/sat
kill cry/cried mockingbird
mock go over tell/told/told
hole cement symbolize
fill add (2) around here
assign syllabus read/read/read
page narrator homework
quiz answer chubs/chubby
band crybaby say/said/said
get out freedom limitation







Teacher: Come on. Come on, come on, come on.

Let’s go. There’s a lot to go over. Sit down. Come on.

Female Student, One. “Where’s the TV?”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Teacher: Now everybody, open your To Kill a Mockingbird to page one.

Good. Now, who can tell me why Jem cries when the hole in the tree is filled with cement?

Male Student, Two: “Because she’s a crybaby!”

Teacher: Get out! We’re here to learn. Anybody else have a problem with that?
Good. Now who has the answer to my question?

Nobody’s read this book? It’s on the syllabus.

Female Student, Three: Well you never assigned it to us.
Teacher: Well now I am. And we have a quiz tomorrow: on the first hundred pages.

Female Student, Three: You can’t do that; I have band and jazz band tonight.

Male Student, Four: We’ve hadn’t had homework all year.

Teacher: Things are about to change around here.

Recess is over!

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Female Student, Three: Because birds symbolizes freedom?

Teacher: Good. Okay does anyone have anything to add to what that girl just said?

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Teacher: So what are the limitations of having Scott as the narrator? You, chubs.

Male Student, Four: Because he . . .

Teacher: Ehhhhh!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Chair. At the start of the video, were all the pupils seated and listening to the teacher?

Class(room). The class watched a program on television. True of false?

Desk. Did the teacher lecture about To Kill a Mockingbird while the students took notes?

Exam. Does the teacher like jokes and humor during lessons?

Homework. Is the teacher nice and friendly, or very mean and strict?

Lecture. The students were very happy because they won’t have homework that night. Is this right or wrong?

Notebook. “Recess is over!” What did the teacher mean by that?

Paper. What happened when a girl answered the teacher’s question? Did the teacher say, “Correct” or “That’s right.”? What happened when the boy couldn’t answer the teacher?
Pen. I have seen this movie, Bad Teacher before. Yes or no?

Pencil. Is your class similar to this, or is it different? How is your class similar to and different from this class?

Read. Are there lots of TV shows and movies set in classrooms or with classroom scenes? Have you seen lots of TV shows and movies set in classrooms or with classroom scenes?

Student, Pupil. Are all students the same or are they different in classroom behavior?

Whiteboard. Do all teachers teach the same or do they differ?

Write. My friends and I would like to become teachers.

Teacher. What might happen in the future?

Test. How would you like classes to be taught or how would you like students to learn?

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