The City, one

Buildings, Streets
Vocabulary words relating to cities.

freeway skyscraper traffic lights
block building apartment block
smog parking lot office building
street traffic jam intersection
alley crosswalk traffic police
traffic boulevard fire hydrant





A. Buildings, Structures

1. In a city, do you prefer old, historical buildings, new, modern buildings, or both?

2. Are there many shops, cafes and restaurants in your city center? Do many people visit the city center?

3. All my friends want to work in an office building. True or false?

4. Do most people live in apartment blocks, family home, or both?

5. Is your school or company in one big building, part of a building or in several buildings?



B. Street Scene

6. Are there a lot of cars and traffic in your city? Are there more cars than pedestrians on the streets?

7. The boulevards are full of potholes. Is this right or wrong?

8. Are there pedestrian areas that are off limits to cars?

9. Do parking lots fill up quickly? Is parking hard to find? Is it expensive?

10. If you park in front of a fire hydrant . . . . . . . .

11. I often meet my friends at intersections or the city center. Yes or no?

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