The Circus Act




single married entertainer
juggle perform holiday (2)
hurt applaud (Las) Vegas
vote ultimate all goes well
hope nervous dangerous
tie (2) unicycle panel (2)
vest tricycle that’s right
clap scared off-balance
spin dish (2) balance (2)
plate level (3) fall/fell/fallen
stick buzzer contestant
sharp audience win/won/won
act (2) decide judge (3)
reject accept frightened
sword pointed spin/spun/spun






Judge Simon: Hello.
Peter Lambert: Hello.
Judge Simon: Hi. What’s your name, please?
Peter Lambert: Peter Lambert.
Judge Simon: Are you married?
Peter Lambert: No. I’m single.
Judge Simon: Okay, do you live with anyone?
Peter Lambert: Oh no, I live at home with my parents.
Judge Simon: Okay, you’re an entertainer.
Peter Lambert: Yeah.
Judge Simon: Where do you perform?
Peter Lambert: Mainly holiday parks.
Judge Simon: So you want to go on to another level?
Peter Lambert: Yeah, that’s right.
Judge Simon: What would be your ultimate level?
Peter Lambert: Uh, Vegas.
Judge Simon: And Peter, is your act dangerous?
Peter Lambert: Very dangerous.
Judge Simon: Have you ever hurt yourself?
Peter Lambert: I’ve hurt my leg: I’ve cut my leg open quite badly and things like that. That’s why I’m a little bit nervous, I hope nothing like that happens.
Judge Simon: Okay, I hope it goes well.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Peter Lambert: That’s getting better!!!

Here we go!!!


Wo! Wo! Wo!


*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Peter Lambert has a wife and two children. True or false?

Does he live alone in a studio apartment?

Knife Throwing.
During the day, Peter works in a bank. Is this right or wrong?

He wants to work with computers in an office. His goal is to be a computer engineer. Is this correct or incorrect?

Tightrope Walking.
Is Peter’s performance perfectly safe and easy?

Canon. In the beginning were the judges and audience excited and thrilled, or impatient?

What happened? What did Peter do? Did he make any mistakes?

Trapeze. Do you think the judges and audience liked his act?
Somersault. I can juggle, ride a unicycle, balance on a roller and spin plates on sticks. Yes or no? Can your friends juggle and ride unicycles?

Have you seen performers like Peter? Have you seen similar performances?

Swallow Sword.
Do adult children live with their parents, do they move away and live on their own, or it depends?

Breathe Fire.
What talents do you have? What can you do? Do your friends have any interesting talents? Who are some very talented people you know?
I can . . . . .

Disappearance Act.
Do you wish you had any great talents?
I wish I could . . . . .

Escape Artist.
What will happen in the future?

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