The Neighbor




haul suburb Christmas tree
local resident ornaments
van stranger newcomer
social outgoing carry/carried
heart welcome snowman
wait introvert read/read/read
nice neighbor meet/met/met
cake move (2) Star of Bethlehem
beard letter (2) invitation
reject extrovert housewarming party
feast knock speak/spoke/spoken
guest weird gathering
pie cry/cried approach
tears accept decoration






Julia: “Hi, neighbor!”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Julia: “Hi.”
Bob: “Hello.”
Julia: “Welcome to the neighborhood! I’m Julia.”
Bob: “My name is Bob.”
Julia: “We’re so happy to meet you! Can’t wait to come . . .”
Bob: “How weird”
Julia: “Huh!”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Julia: “Hi! Oh, sorry. Hi
Bob: “To read a book.”
Julia: “Nice to meet you.”

Bob: “So it’s ‘We . . . happy . . . meet. And we show that like this.”
Julia: “Okay.”

Julia: “Thank you. Bye.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Family: “We’re happy to meet you.

Merry Christmas!”

New Girl: “Thank you. I am happy to meet you, too.

Merry Christmas!”

Bob: “How are you?”
New Girl: “Good!”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Birthday Party. All the people in this neighborhood are locals. Everyone is a long-time resident. Everyone has lived there for their entire lives. True or false? What happened in the beginning of the video?

Lunar New Year. Are the local residents hostile and cold towards outsiders, strangers and newcomers; or are they nice, open, friendly and hospitable?

Valentine’s Day. Did the couple and the new girl become friends instantly?

Maslinitsa. The new neighbors communicated by e-mail, text messaging and video calls. Is this right or wrong? What do you think the new girl’s letter said?

Carnival. The husband and wife then chatted with their friends online. They told jokes and stories to each other by messaging app. Is this correct or incorrect?

Spring Break, Spring Vacation. McDonald’s or Burger King probably sponsored this play. What do you think?

Easter Holiday.
Was the climax of the story in late July?

Mother’s Day. What happened in the end?

Summer Vacation. What might be the main message(s) or idea(s) of this video?
Wedding Party. Do you think the new girl is inherently (innately) closed, withdrawn and unsociable? Why might she have been like this?

International Workers’ Day, Labor Day. Do you know anyone who is hearing impaired (deaf)? Do you ever see people communicating by sign-language?

Independence Day. I know some introverts, or unsocial, closed and withdrawn individuals. Yes or no?

Oktoberfest. Are the residents of your street, neighborhood or apartment block locals, newcomers or both?

Halloween. Are local residents open, friendly and hospitable towards outsiders and newcomers; or cold and reserved? Do newcomers try to integrate with locals or stick to themselves?

Thanksgiving. How do people where you live celebrate Christmas or New Year’s?

Christmas. What might happen in the future?

New Year’s. What could or should people do?

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