christmas morning

Christmas Morning



heavy suck (2) oh my gosh
gift favorite had better
rated gift card that counts
stupid mean (2) spend (2)
excited short (2) never mind
grateful miss (3) don’t mind

























At Home

Jazzy: Christmas morning! Weeeeee!

Oh my gosh! I’m so excited!
Oh my gosh! Oooh, this one’s heavy!
Oh my gosh! This is just what I wanted!
Oh my gosh! This is my favorite thing!

I LOVE Christmas.

Joshua: I didn’t get any gifts.
Jazzy: Oh my gosh. Are you sure?
Joshua: Yeah. I’m sure.
Jazzy: I’m sorry.
Man, I really hope there’s a store open so I can get Joshua some gifts.

Let’s go.

At the Department Store

Jazzy: Hey, Joshua doesn’t have a bike; maybe I should get him this one. Naw.

Son: Mom, you’d better give me the right toys this time. Because the toys you got me for Christmas suck!
Mother: Um . . . What about this one? It looks like so much fun!
Son: No mom — it’s rated “E”. I want “M”.
Mother: What about this one?
Son: No, it’s stupid. Look at it. You wouldn’t even know, stupid mom.
Mother: But what do you want?
Son: Ah, no.
Mother: Okay, we came here to get you a new gift, because you don’t like anything else. So I need you to choose something. Please, just . . .
Son: Well, I don’t like any of them.

Jazzy: Hey! Okay, you need to be more grateful for what your mom got you: so many kids would love to have what you got . . . especially my brother — he didn’t even get anything.

Merry Christmas.
Son: Mom; that lady’s being mean to me. Tell her to stop.
Mother: Good. Sigh.

Stock Clerk: Sigh.
Jazzy: Are you okay?
Stock Clerk: Sigh; yeah, I’m fine. I’m just a little sad that I’m not getting to spend Christmas with my family.
Jazzy: Oh. I’m sorry.
Stock Clerk: No, no; it’s alright. Don’t worry about it.
Jazzy: Wait. Actually, I have a gift card; you can get some hot chocolate later. Merry Christmas.

Stock Clerk: Merry Christmas.

Jazzy: Joshua would love this; this is perfect. I’m sure he would really like this too — so I’ll get him this.

Oh . . . my gosh. This is perfect!

This is a GREAT day!

Jazzy: Oh, you can have it.
Boy: Thank you. Oh, wait. I can’t get it. Never mind. I’m five dollars short. I’m using my Christmas money I just got.
You can have it.
Jazzy: Okay, don’t even worry about it. You know what? Here, I have five dollars.
Boy: Thank you!
Jazzy: Have a Merry Christmas.
Boy: You too!

Back at Home

Jazzy: Joshua! Look, I got you some presents! Merry Christmas!
Joshua: Weeee. Oh, hey Jazzy, Where did you go? You missed it: I got my bike. That’s all that I’ve ever wanted for Christmas.

What’s with all the gifts?

Jazzy: Oh. So you got more presents than me?

You know what? I don’t really mind because it’s the thought that counts and Christmas is all about giving.

Merry Christmas.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. In the beginning, Jazzy was very thrilled and excited. Yes or no? Why was she so excited?

2. Did she feel excited the whole morning, or did she change? Why did her mood change? What did Jazzy decide to do?

3. The son in the shopping cart was very appreciative and thankful to his mother. True or false? Was he a spoiled brat? Did Jazzy scold him? Did the boy agree with Jazzy?

4. Was the stock clerk cheerful and happy? Why wasn’t he cheerful and happy? What did Jazzy do?

5. Jazzy gave $5 (five dollars) to the little boy. Is this right or wrong? Why did she give $5 to the boy?

6. When Jazzy returned home, everything happened as planned. Is this correct or incorrect?

7. Is there a moral, meaning, message or lesson to this skit?


A. Describe your Christmas morning. Is it thrilling and exciting? Was it really thrilling and joyful when you were a child?

B. Do you know anyone who didn’t or doesn’t get any gifts for Christmas?

C. I know people who have everything and they don’t seem to be appreciative or thankful. Yes or no.

D. I know some people who have to work during Christmas. Is this right or wrong? Why do they have to work?

E. Is everyone cheerful and gay (old, traditional meaning) on Christmas Day? Might some people not feel happy?

F. Has the meaning or spirit of Christmas changed over the years?

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