Christmas Market

Nuremberg, one




local labyrinth darkness falls
unique stall (2) come to life
set up spirit (2) Christmas spirit
toy mull (3) atmosphere (2)
angel consume bratwurst
elect wander particularly
attend tradition top the original
invite goodwill craftsman
craft decorate sweet treats
Advent decorate gingerbread







As darkness falls, the market comes to life. A growing number of people, locals and visitors alike, wander through the labyrinth of stalls, taking in the magical Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas market visitor, one: “I like all the Christmas spirit, and all the lights, and everybody is just together. Everything’s super decorated for the holiday.”

Christmas market visitor, two: “It’s all about the atmosphere and everybody being full of goodwill and joy at this time of year. And it’s that feeling of being together outside in the cold.

And that feels really Christmasy.”

Christmas market visitor, three: “The Nuremberg bratwurst sausages are a must. And mulled wine, of course. Looking at all the stalls; it’s just so special somehow.”

The market opens on the Friday before the first Sunday of Advent, and closes on Christmas Eve.

Every two years, the people of Nuremberg elect a Christmas Angel, called the Christkind. It’s a tradition unique to Nuremberg.

Christkind attends various charitable events.

But her most important task is to open the Christkindlesmarkt

Christkind: “The Christkind invites everyone to the market. And all who come are welcome!”

The tradition of the Christkind in Nuremberg dates back to the 1930s. But the Christmas market itself is much, much older.

It was in the sixteenth century that Nuremberg craftsman first set up stalls in the central marketplace during Advent.

They sold toys and sweet treats — it’s basically the same as now, with the addition of a few more local specialties, like the delicious Nuremberg bratwurst sausages.

They sell particularly well at Christmas. As does mulled wine: thousands of liters are consumed during the Christmas season here in Germany. But probably the most important Christmas tradition here is Nuremberg Lebkuchen or gingerbread.

Copies of Nuremberg’s Christkindlesmarkt can be found all over the world, but there’s surely no topping the original.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Christmas. What everyone loves the most about the Christmas market are the Christmas toys, decorations and souvenirs. Everyone loves only the Christmas toys, decorations and souvenirs. True or false?

New Year’s. Is the Christmas market open year round (from January to December)?

Lunar New Year.
Does the mayor of Nuremberg officially open the Nuremberg Christmas market? Who is the Christkind or Christ Child?

Valentine’s Day.
The Nuremberg Christmas Market started in the 1930s. Is this right or wrong?

Did it start as a Christmas market, or was it a normal market that added a Christmas market?

What are the favorite foods at the Nuremberg Christmas market?

Arbor Day.
The Nuremberg or German-style Christmas markets are found only in Germany. Is this correct or incorrect?
May Day.
There is a Christmas market in my town or city. Yes or no? Describe it. What kinds of things are sold there?

Summer Holiday. Do shops, department stores and shopping malls sell Christmas or New Years gifts and presents?

Independence Day. Many locals and tourists visit Christmas markets and markets in general. True or false?

Halloween. Does everyone buy and receive presents for Christmas or New Years?

End of Harvest Festival. Are Christmas markets and Christmas merchandise big businesses? Do shops and stores have lots of business and make lots of money?

Thanksgiving. What will happen in the future?

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