Christmas in Spain one

Christmas in Spain, one



weekly similar discover (2)
yay normally present (3)
wise seafood Three Wise Men
turkey decorate it depends on
lottery leave (2) Thanksgiving
nougat sweet (3) a great deal (2)
scene original figure (3)
edition Nativity marzipan
thick almond traditional






Hi everyone. I’m Rosa and this is Spanish weekly words holiday edition. You are about to discover what holiday we’ll be talking about today.

So it is Christmas! Yay!

Navidad which is “Christmas”. So during Christmas Day, we have huge dinner with the family, normally. We eat a lot.

We don’t normally give our presents on Christmas Day because we have the Three Wise Men Day in January. We eat a lot of seafood, but it depends on each family. There’s not anything very traditional, like turkey, for example, in America for Thanksgiving dinner.

We have sayings such as “I can see my whole family during Christmas.”

Arbol de Navidad, which is “Christmas tree”. So we normally have a Christmas tree inside the house. And then the Three Wise Men leave their presents there, normally decorated a great deal with some lights or figures.

Belen which is “Nativity Scene”. In almost all homes, we build these nativity scenes with little figures. And in Christmas markets in the cities, you can find a lot of these figures to do your own nativity scene.

There are also competitions of huge nativity scenes. It’s interesting; some of them are very original. There’s a saying, “My nativity scene only has five figures.”

Turron is a Christmas sweet, similar to marzipan or nougat. It can be made of chocolate with some nuts, or it can also be an almond turron, kind of like a nougat, so it’s thick, has a lot of sugar, but it’s super traditional during Christmas to eat them.

We have another saying, “When I start eating almonds turron, I cannot stop.”

In the Christmas Lottery, there are children singing the numbers of the lottery. “I’ve never won anything in the Christmas lottery.”

So this is the end of today’s Spanish Weekly Words Holiday Special. Today we talked about Christmas. I hoped you like this video; thank you for watching.


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1. Everyone loves Christmas. Yes or no?

2. For Christmas is there a large feast with many people?

3. In Spain, the traditional meal is turkey. Is this right or wrong?

4. What are the two main Christmas items in people’s homes?

5. Is turron sweet or savory?

6. People on a diet should eat almonds. Is this correct or incorrect?

7. Do a few people get very lucky (monetarily) on Christmas?


A. Christmas an important holiday in my community. Yes or no?

B. Is Christmas a family holiday? Describe the events.

C. Describe Christmas decorations in people’s homes and in the city center.

D. Christmas is a happiest and best time of the year!

E. What might happen in the future? Will Christmas celebrations and traditions remain the same or change?

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