christmas holiday

My Christmas Holiday, I



merry spirit (2) come alive
erect candle townsfolk
plaza wreath decorate
clap punch (2) ornament
mayor display hallway
carol jingle leading up
cheer pumpkin gingerbread
dear sweater aftershave
wrap stuffed present (2)
holly stocking minced meat
boil roast mistletoe
pie goose auditorium


My Favorite Holiday

My friends and I love holidays. But my favorite holiday of all, of course, is — Christmas!

Why do I love Christmas?

Well during the Christmas season, my town comes alive with the Christmas spirit. Shops and buildings are decorated with colorful lights, wreaths and Christmas symbols.

Everyone is cheerful and merry!

Opening Ceremony

The holiday season officially begins on the first of December. On this day, the townsfolk erect a large pine tree in the town plaza and decorate it with lights and ornaments.

The mayor gives a speech in front of thousands of people.

But the highlight is when Santa comes and gives his own speech. He then throws sweets into the crowd.

Everyone claps and cheers.

At School

At our school, students make Christmas ornaments made out of paper and plant material. We then display them on our classroom walls and the hallway. Each room also has its own Christmas tree, which we decorate as well.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, students practice singing Christmas carols. These include Jingle Bells, Silent Night and White Christmas.

On the last day of school before the start of the winter holiday, a Christmas party is held in the school auditorium. Students sing the carols.

Then Christmas music is then played, and we drinks punch and eat roast turkey, pumpkin pie and gingerbread cookies. We dance and have fun.

Today is the last time we will be seeing each other until school restarts after the New Year.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. The writer’s favorite holiday is Christmas. True or false? Why does he or she love Christmas?

2. What happens in the town? Is there only material and physical decorations?

3. This is a busy time for businesses. Yes or no? ?

4. How does the Christmas season officially begin?

5. Students only continue to study at school. Is this right or wrong? What do they do?

6. Is the last day of school before the Winter Vacation fun? What happens then?

7. How do they feel on the last day of school?
A. People in my city love to celebrate Christmas; they are very enthusiastic about Christmas. Yes or no?
Christmas is the happiest and most spirited time of the year. Do you agree?

B. Are there lots of Christmas decorations at this time of year? How do people traditionally celebrate Christmas?

C. Many people just celebrate the cultural or secular aspects of Christmas, but not the religious or spiritual aspects. Is this good or bad, both or neither?

D. Are some people against or opposed to Christmas celebrations?

E. Many businesses make up to 50% of their revenue and profits during Christmas. Elaborate on this.

F. Will Christmas change in the future?


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