christmas holiday 2

My Christmas Holiday, II



merry spirit (2) come alive
erect candle townsfolk
plaza wreath decorate
clap punch (2) ornament
mayor display hallway
carol jingle leading up
cheer pumpkin gingerbread
dear sweater aftershave
wrap stuffed present (2)
holly stocking minced meat
boil roast mistletoe
pie goose auditorium


Cards and Presents

Another thing I like about Christmas is Christmas cards. Every year we go to stores and buy dozens of cards. They come in all sorts of styles and patterns.

At home, I write a short message on each of the cards and mail them to my friends and relatives.

Receiving them is also very special!

I keep a large collection of Christmas cards from previous years.

During this time, I also do Christmas shopping. My friends and I shop around and buy gifts to those dear to us. This year I bought a book for my best friend, and a sweater for my sister. For my dad, I got aftershave and for my mother, I bought a teacup.

These were gift-wrapped at the store.


At home we put up decorations such as holly, mistletoe, wreaths and lights. But the centerpiece is the Christmas tree, in our living room, next to the fireplace. I love decorating it with colorful ornaments. Underneath, we place presents from our friends and relatives.

Then on Christmas Eve, we hang stockings above the fireplace for Santa to fill with goodies.

I hope I had been good this year!

The following morning — Christmas Day — we get up early and hurry downstairs to open our presents. This Christmas, I got a sports suit and a new tablet from Santa.

Later in the day, it’s feasting time!

Mom prepared a meal of roast, stuffed goose and minced-meat pie, with cranberry sauce, boiled potatoes, carrots and broccoli. Mmm, yum-yum! And for dessert we had fruit cake and pumpkin pie!

Christmas is the happiest and best time of the year for me and my family. I just wish every day was Christmas!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Christmas time is only about presents. True or false? Do Christmas cards have a special meaning or significance?

2. Do businesses really like the holiday season?

3. What did the writer get for her family and friends?

4. They home changes during Christmas. Yes or no?

5. What did the writer get from Santa? Describe Santa.

6. They go out to McDonald’s on Christmas Day. Is this right or wrong?

7. How does the writer feel about Christmas?

A. People in my city celebrate Christmas wholeheartedly; they are very enthusiastic about Christmas. Yes or no?
Christmas is the happiest and most spirited time of the year. Do you agree?

B. Are there lots of Christmas decorations at this time of year? How do people traditionally celebrate Christmas?

C. Many people just celebrate the cultural or secular aspects of Christmas, but not the religious or spiritual aspects. Is this good or bad, both or neither?

D. Are some people against or opposed to Christmas celebrations?

E. Many businesses make up to 50% of their revenue and profits during Christmas. Elaborate on this.

F. Will Christmas change in the future?


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