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Visitors to Los Angeles will find countless movie studios, stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame — and a constant flow of Chinese tourists.

Mark Liebermann, Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board: “In Los Angeles we are the city in the United States that more Chinese come to than any other city in the United States.”

Mark Liebermann of the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board says there has been a steady increase in the number of Chinese tourists visiting Los Angeles.

They’re also touring San Francisco, New York and Washington, D.C. More than one million Chinese tourists visited the United States last year, says economist Ferdinando Guerra.

Fernando Guerra, LA Country Economic Development Corporation: “It’s a nearly forty percent increase from 2010 to 2011.”

LA-based Shine Tours, for example, has seen an almost thirty percent increase this year in tour groups from China, says company president Joseph Chi.

Joseph Chi, Shine Tours: “All the Chinese passport holders think the United States is their dream country they would like to visit.”

The growth of China’s middle-class means more people can travel overseas. Like most Chinese tourists in the US, Yue Wei came on a tour group.

Yue Wei, Tourist: “The US was established with a spirit of independence and competition. I wanted to come and take a look.”

The number of Chinese tourists has been increasing steadily. But especially this year because the US government streamlined the visa application process, says Steven Chou, at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Steven Chou, Universal Studios Hollywood: “From my perspective, Hollywood is definitely looking for ways to really enhance the experience of the Chinese guest.”

At Universal, there’s a studio tour in Mandarin, led by Mandarin-speaking employees, and maps of the theme park in Chinese.

Elizabeth Lee, Reporter: “In addition to a Chinese pamphlet, Universal Studios Hollywood also has restaurants that not only serve burgers and fries, but also Chinese food.”

The Montage Beverly Hills caters to its Chinese guests with Chinese tea in the hotel rooms, hand-written notes in Chinese, and Mandarin-speaking staff.

Many of the hotels’ Chinese clients shop on Rodeo Drive, famous for its luxury goods, says general manager, Hermann Elger.

Hermann Elger: Montage Beverly Hills: “Our retail partners on Rodeo Drive tell us that they are the largest segment of the shoppers as of this year.”

The Chinese actually spend more than double than the average international visitor in California.

Chinese tourists are contributing billions of dollars to the US economy, which translates into more American jobs.

The number of tours from China is expected to double by 2016.

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1. Chinese tourists’ favorite destination in the United States is Los Angeles, California. True or false? Do they only visit Los Angeles?

2. Is the number of tourists from China increasing, decreasing or remaining the same? Why is amount increasing?

3. Many Chinese want to visit the US. Why do they want to visit the US?

4. Tourists from China must be fluent in English to have a good travel experience. Is this correct or incorrect?

5. Will Chinese tourists feel total, complete culture shock in Los Angeles?

6. Are they budget travelers? Do they stay in hostels?


A. Tourism is an important part of our local economy. Yes or no? What are some tourist attractions?

B. Where do most of many tourists come from? What do they do?

C. What businesses benefit from tourism? What kind of jobs do they provide?

D. Do many tourists from China visit your city, region or country? Has there been an increase?

E. What will happen in the future?

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