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 Chinese Students

in Germany



gain practical advantage
influx demand packed (2)
focus structure bear that in mind
enrich profit (2) all over the world
spoil (2) chance (2) opportunity
miss (2) carry out think it over





Dresden’s University of Technology: there are around 37,000 students here — over a thousand of them are from China.

The school is best-known for its mechanical engineering program, and technical courses.

These two Chinese students have come here to study machine construction.

Zhe Zhang, University Student: “Germany is the best in the world at engineering sciences and technology, especially in automotive engineering.

And it doesn’t cost that much to study here.”

Han Chen, University Student: “In Germany, you gain practical experience during your studies — that’s an advantage of the degree.”

The university also has a lot to gain from the influx of foreign students, not just thanks for the packed lecture halls, says Gunther Prokop, but also through the cultural enrichment they bring with them.

The professor has hired five Asian students as assistants. He says they have a lot more to offer than just their language skills.

Gunther Prokop, Professor of Automotive Engineering: “I think that Asian students in particular, think in different structures than European students do.

And when you’re teaching them, you have to bear that in mind.

Asian students are usually very focused on math and theoretical knowledge; and when you bring them together with European students, everyone profits.”

Automotive engineers are in demand all over the world. Han Chen and Zhe Zhang haven’t decided yet whether to remain in Germany after graduating or to go home.

Han Chen, University Student: “After completing my studies, I’ll probably look for a job here. But at the same time, I don’t want to spoil my chances of landing one at home.

I’ll look closely at what the job opportunities are like in both countries.”

Zhe Zhang, University Student: “I want to gain more experience in Germany, so I want to work here . . .

But I also miss my parents back in China. That’s why I don’t know if I’ll be able to carry out that plan.”

Both of them still have a little more time to think things over. They have almost one more year to go before graduation.

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1. Is the Dresden University of Technology big, medium-sized or small?

2. It is the world leader in IT, hardware and software engineering. True or false?

3. The annual tuition at the university is probably $30,000. What do you think?

4. Does the program only consist of classroom lectures?

5. German and Chinese students have the same learning culture. Yes or no?

6. Will university graduates be able to find work only in Germany, France, Italy, US, Brazil, South Korea, Japan and China?

7. Both students from China definitely want to work only in Germany. Is this correct or incorrect?


A. What are the best technical universities in your country? Where do students attend if they want to study mechanical engineering and automotive technology?

B. Engineering and technology are very difficult subjects. Do you agree?

C. Is there a big demand for automotive and other engineers (in your country)?

D. Are there (many) foreign engineers, scientists and doctors in your country?

E. Do many students from your country study abroad? What are some popular destinations? Would you like to study abroad?

F. Many international students study in my country. Yes or no? Where are they from? What do they typically study?


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