A Taxi Driver from


Martin talks about his work and life.


quick current drive/drove/driven
honest connect to be honest
bother mean (2) current events
simple through right now
health simply see/saw/seen
worry maintain shape (3)
simply right (2) delicious





My name is Martin Lopez, and I’m sixty-seven (67) years old. I live here in Valparaizo.

What do you do for a living?

I’m a taxi driver. I earn about thirty-thousand (30,000) pesos, about fifty euros, a day.

What does globalization mean to you?

It means understanding current events more quickly and being connected to the world.

What worries you?

To be honest, nothing worries me. I’m in good health and I have my job. I’m satisfied. I have no worries.

What makes you happy?

Children. Simply seeing kids happy. And that makes me happy too.

What’s your favorite food?

I like all the food in my country. It’s all delicious.

What do you expect for your future?

For the future I want to maintain my health and be in the same good shape that I’m in now.

What country would you like to visit?

Right now I’d like to travel through Argentina.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Who is this person? What’s his name? How old is he?

2. What is his job? What does he do?

3. What does globalization mean to him? For Martin, globalization means . . . . . . . . . .

4. Is he worried about anything?

5. He is satisfied with his life. True or false? Why or why not?

6. Lots of money makes Martin happy. Is this correct or incorrect?

7. Does he like any particular, specific food?

8. He wants big changes for the future. Is this right or wrong?

9. Does Martin want to travel far away?

10. What things or activities do you remember from the video.

A. Are you from Chile? Do you live in Chile? Have you ever been to Chile?

B. Have you met people from Chile? Who were they? What were they doing?

C. Describe the climate and geography of Chile.

D. Describe the economy of Chile. What are its imports and exports?

E. Does Chile have any problems or challenges?

F. What’s Chilean food like? Describe Chilean food.

G. What are some tourist attractions (cultural, historic, natural)?

H. What comes to mind when you think of Chile? What do you associate with Chile?


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