child painter Kieron 2

A Child Artist, Kieron, 2



jam (2) vacation around (2)
inspire figure (4) countryside
blank coast (2) buy/bought/bought
boat spur (2) ever since
be at it postcard see/saw/seen
sketch pretty (2) postcard pretty
local turn (2) watercolor
play (2) grownup manage (2)
get up wake up think/thought/thought (2)
whole chinking say/said/said
jar surprise know/knew/known
festival practice hometown
gallery attraction all the way
X-Box excellent hear/heard/heard
proud coastline inspiration
fame shade (2) celebrate (2)
talent tradition landscape
great hard (2) work on it
owner balance distinguish






The surprise for the Williamson family happened on last summer’s vacation when Kieron, who is just turning six, asked for something different to play with.

Michelle Williamson, Kieron’s Mother: “Kieron I think was inspired by the countryside, the landscapes. And he asked us to buy him some blank paper.”

He began to sketch and then to paint. He’s been at it ever since.

Kieron Williamson, Painter: “I saw the boat off the internet.”
Reporter: “Off the internet?”
Kieron Williamson, Painter: “Yeah.”

Spurred by the internet and art books and the postcard pretty outdoor studio that is all around him in Norfolk in England’s east coast, Kieron Williamson painted this . . . and this . . ,

And he learned some techniques in a local watercolor class before he turned seven this month.

Kieron Williamson, Artist: “I was the youngest in the class. Everyone else were grownups.”
Journalist: “How did you mange that?”
Kieron Williamson, Artist: “Didn’t think about that.”

And now, when he’s not at the X-Box, his mother says, he’s at this paint box.

Michelle Williamson, Kieron’s Mother: “Kieron will get up at six o’clock, maybe a little before. And we’re often woken up with the chinking of the jam jar, and we know he’s painting.”

In fact, the whole country knows. For his hometown’s summer festival, Kieron’s work is the featured attraction at a local gallery.

Visitor One: “We’ve come all the way from Northamptonshire to see this.”

Journalist: “What do most people say when they see your paintings? What have you been hearing most from people?”
Kieron Williamson, Artist: “Very good. Excellent. Really good.”
Journalist: “Does that make you proud?”
Kieron Williamson, Artist: “Yeah.”
The English landscape here has been an inspiration for artists for more than two hundred years. Part of Norfolk’s fame comes from painters who celebrated it’s coastline and countryside.

In a place that’s produced a distinguished tradition, Kieron’s talent is just developing.

Carol Ann Pennington, Gallery Owner: “He can be great. Yes, of course he could.”

He’s working on it. The hardest part he says, is getting the shading right, the balance of light and dark.

Journalist: “How do you figure that you’re going to get better at that?”
Kieron Williamson, Artist: “Practice a lot.”

Well, he’s got time.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. Kieron Williamson began to paint cars, houses and people. True or false?

2. Does he only paint scenes from nature?

3. Kieron has taken art lessons from art teachers. Is this right or wrong?

4. Were all the students in his art class children? Did he feel out of place and lonely?

5. Has Kieron become famous in the United Kingdom? Do people like his works (paintings)?

6. Does England have a long tradition of landscape painting?

7. Will Kieron quit painting and take up a different hobby?


A. I paint pictures Or, I used to paint pictures in school. Yes or no?

B. Do you know anyone who paints? Is she or he an amateur or professional?

C. Anyone can learn to become a great painter (or footballer, swimmer, writer, acrobat, singer, computer expert, scientist, engineer). What do you think?

D. What should (young) people do? Should there be art lessons and classes in school?

F. What might happen in the future?

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