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Child Artist, Kieron, 1



brush produce draw/drew/drawn
rather harbor cause quite a stir
stir belong absolutely
hand hard (2) hold/held/held
proud special pick up (3)
boat dinosaur paintbrush
exhibit color in spend/spent/spend (2)
woo scenery think/thought/thought
in fact believe (2) imagination
fridge ever since go no further (2)
gallery amazing capture (2)
set (2) brilliant atmosphere (2)
loose incredible complicated
genius stroke (2) strokes of genius
talent staggered draw it out
earn for now pocket money
extra maturity carried away (2)






News Caster: Like most children Kioren Williamson loves getting the paper, paints and brushes out on the kitchen table.

But unlike most children, what he produces is really rather special, so special in fact that this six-year-old from Norfolk is causing quite a stir in the art world.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

There pictures which would make any artist proud. It’s hard to believe that the hand that holds the brush belongs to a six-year-old. But this is why little Kieron Williamson is wooing the art world. Kieron first picked up a paintbrush on a family holiday last year.

Michelle Williamson, Keiron’s Mother: “Before then Ciaran wouldn’t spend very much time drawing for himself. We had to draw dinosaurs for him to color in.

But I think it was the the harbours and the boats and the scenery which first captured his imagination and since then he’s been drawing and painting ever since.”

While most six-year-olds paintings go no further than the fridge door, Kieron is already having his work exhibited at a professional gallery.

Carol Ann Pennington, Artist: “This last set of work is absolutely brilliant and his loose work of almost Fenland atmosphere is just incredible, amazing.

His paintings are being called the strokes of genius. Kieron though says it’s simple.

Kieron Williamson, Young Artist: “Sometimes, if it’s a complicated one, I draw it out first, then pin it, then paint it. But I did it twice and it became easy.”

Artists and art buyers say they’re staggered someone so young can paint with such maturity Kieran won’t get carried away though; for now he says it’s just a way to earn a little extra pocket money.

News Anchor: “What a talent.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



11. Most children only watch TV and play outside. True or false?

12. Is Kieron Williamson an average, ordinary child, or different?

13. Nobody knows about Kieron. Is this right or wrong?

14. Did he begin painting at school? Where did he start painting?

15. Kieron began painting cars, superheroes and dragons. Is this correct or incorrect?

16. Kieron’s paintings are displayed only in his home. Yes or no?

17. What do people think of Kieron’s paintings?

18. Are people surprised when they see his works?


101. I paint pictures. Or, I used to paint pictures in school. Yes or no?

212. Do you know anyone who paints? Is she or he an amateur or professional?

343. Anyone can learn to become a great painter (or footballer, swimmer, writer, acrobat, singer, computer expert, scientist, engineer). What do you think?

411. What should (young) people do? Should there be art lessons and classes in school?

594. My friends and I want to become professional artists. True or false?

672. What might happen in the future?

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