cheer up come to

5. Cheer up, Come to

Cut back on



catch on chew out check out (of)
come to check off check in (to)
chip in cheer up come down with
call on chicken out cut back (on)
come on cross out come across
call off catch up check out (2)
care for calm down




Cheer up, Chew out, Chicken out, Chip in, Come across

33. Cheer up: to become or make happier
Your friend lost his job or broke up with his girl or her boy friend. What do you say to him or her?

34. Chew out: to scold an employee or other subordinate
The boss has chewed out my coworker. True or false? Why does or why would a boss chew out an employee?

35. Chicken out
Troy was going to ask a new girl out . . . but he chickened out at the last minute. Why? Are your classmates, colleagues, or neighbors brave or are they chicken?

36. Chip in: to contribute, donate time or money for a meal, project, activity.
Do you sometimes chip in for a school excursion, church or community event, or birthday party?

37. Come across: to find, unexpectedly.
While hiking in the hills, Peter came across an ancient gold necklace. What should he do? If I came across ancient artifact, I would . . .



Come down with, Come to, Count on, Cross out, Cut back (on)

38. Come down with something: to become ill with something
The presentation has been canceled because the client has come down with the cold. How does the sales team feel? How do you avoid catching a cold? How can you cure a common cold?

39. Come to: to regain consciousness or your senses.
When Larry came to his senses, he left Veronica. When Janice came to her senses, she left Richard. What happened?

40. Count on: depend on; trust that someone will do something.
Can you count on the government to improve the economy and people’s lives?

41. Cross out: to draw a line or “X” through words on paper.
What color pen do teachers use to cross out mistakes? Many say teachers should use a green pen. Why should teachers use green pens?

42. Cut back (on): to reduce, lesson (cigarettes, sugar)
Doug is a couch potato. How does he spend most of his free time? What should he do?

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