chair acrobat

The Acrobat



chair tension audience
judge acrobat gymnast
shake balance suspense
stack amazing hold their breath (2)
fall (2) fantastic incredible
scared nervous






1. The first chair was solidly placed on a table. True or false?

2. What did the acrobat do on the first chair?

3. Did the act finish with one chair on the bottles? What happened?

4. Was the audience bored with the performance or did they hold their breath?

5. The tower of chairs was sturdy and stable. Yes, no, mostly, partially, in the middle?

6. What did the acrobat do on the top of the chairs?

7. Were the audience and judges scared?

8. Did he jump off?


A. Was the performance what you expected?

B. How did you feel? Were you nervous or scared?

C. I wish I could do what he did. Yes or no?

D. How do you think he was able to do his performance?

E. What sort of job might he have? What will happen to him?


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