carpet demonstration

Carpet Shop





weave carpet top dollar
local integral bargain (2)
funny pushover make/made/made
yarn raw (2) painstaking
wool personal sell/sold/sold
way income supplement
tour selection throughout
group welcome individual
sale provide salesman
guy decision across (2)
push shop (3) ultimately
pull shopper know/knew/known
tip (3) store (2) build/built/built
price guide (2) commission
fancy design bring/brought/brought
place culture stand/stood/stood
relax stand up feel/felt/felt (2)
enjoy find out buy/bought/bought (2)
fun still (2) find/found/found
touch mean (3) as much as
expect shipping pay/paid/paid
detail imagine take/took/taken
hand tradition hungry (2)
assure payment technique






The tradition of carpet weaving is integral to the local culture. And across Turkey, families still make yarn from raw wool and then weave carpets in the traditional and painstaking way.

While they’re ultimately sold in larger stores, many carpets continue to be made like this, in people’s homes, to supplement the family income.

Throughout Turkey, big carpet shops hungrily welcome both tour groups and individuals. Salesmen are on you like white on rice.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

There’s a lot to learn, but these guys are salesmen first, teachers second. Listen, learn, but don’t be a pushover.

Carpet Merchant: “This is a personal decision.”

Places like this really know how to sell carpets. Before we go in, here’s a shopper’s tip. Prices often build in a 20% commission for the guide or the person who brought you.

And remember, even in a fancy place like this, bargaining’s expected. Now relax and enjoy the show.

Rug Merchant: “Whenever you want, you can stand up, you can touch them, you can walk on them, you can feel them, you can buy them.”

It’s fun to find out as much as you can about where the carpet was made, whether there’s any special meaning to the designs, and the traditional techniques.

Carpet Salesman: “Could you just imagine all those little designs, all those little details made by hand. And this carpet takes 24 months. I mean, two years of time by two person.”

You pay top dollar in a place like this, but there’s a good selection, you’re assured of high quality, and they make payment and shipping almost too easy

Rug Salesman: “And, also, we will provide you a beautiful Turkish Samsonite bag.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Turkey. Carpet making is only an enterprise and business in Turkey. True or false?

Syria. Are all Turkish carpets made from polyester and cotton in factories?

Lebanon. People can only buy carpets online. Is this right or wrong?

Egypt. Do the owners of carpet shops only want to educate visitors about carpets, their designs, pattern styles, history and production? Why do they talk about different patterns, styles, colors, materials and history?

Iraq. Are tour guides and carpet shop merchants usually “friends”?

Iran. In the rug stores, all carpet have listed prices. In carpet shops, all carpets have price tags. Is this correct or incorrect?

Afghanistan. Customers and visitors must never touch the carpets, unless they buy them. Yes or no?

Turkmenistan. What did the carpet shop staff do?
Uzbekistan. We have carpets in our home. True or false? If yes, describe them. Where do they come from?

Tajikistan. Are (handmade) rugs very popular, somewhat popular, a bit popular or not popular at all in your city and country? Do many people own carpets?

Tibet Where do carpets come from? Where are carpets made?

Is carpet making a tradition in your country?

What might happen in the future?

Mongolia. What could or should people do?

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