candle making student

Candle Making: Brandon




local employee find/found/found
hand storefront take matters into his own hands
mow look for take/took/taken
lawn standard run/ran/run (2)
breeze landscape give/gave/given
honor supply (2) put/put/put
quality rough (3) put it together
overall quantity begin/began/begun
own switch (2) trouble (2)
smell increase see/saw/seen
eco- trial (2) think/thought/thought (2)
local add (2) eco-friendly
brand supply (2) locally sourced
offer purchase do it yourself
kit thing (2) trial and error
error mean (3) make/made/made
design try out (2) matter (2)
jar on track handmade
odd pretty (2) manage (2)
dorm alone (2) pay off (2)
enroll label (2) sell/sold/sold






News Anchor, Male: “A local teenager had trouble finding a job; so he took matters into his own hands.”
News Anchor, Female: “Now he’s running a half a million dollar business at the age of 17. Our business reporter has the story.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Brandon Bechtel was just a 13-year old looking for a job. He thought about the standards: lawn mowing, landscaping.

But then a Google search gave him an idea — candles.

Brandon Bechtel, Owner, Brandon’s Candles: “So I purchased some supplies some materials some labels and just tried to put it all together.”

And thus began Brandon’s Candles.

Brandon Bechtel, Owner, Brandon’s Candles: “It was a real rough product: labeling was not good. The candle quality wasn’t great.”

Four years later not so rough; making $500,000 in sales last year alone.

Brandon Bechtel, Owner, Brandon’s Candles: “I had switched from Etsy to Amazon handmade and saw a large increase in sales.

If you wanna smell ocean breeze; it’s a real nice color I think.”
Journalist: “That’s nice. It’s good I like the color.”
Brandon Bechtel, Owner, Brandon’s Candles: “Thank you.”

All his candles are eco-friendly and locally sourced. He also added the Eco Candle Supply brand that offers do-it-yourself kits.

Brandon Bechtel, Owner, Brandon’s Candles: “Trial and error is really the big thing. I mean that first label I made it did not work. And this is probably the label design I’ve had.”

The jar itself is maybe the seventh or eighth type of jar I’ve tried out.”

And that trial and error has paid off: this year he’s on track to make close to a million dollars in sales. He’s seventeen years old.

Brandon Bechtel, Owner, Brandon’s Candles: “It’s a little odd being seventeen and having an employee that’s 21 sometimes. But overall it works pretty well.

They make the product for me they help me some help me with photography some help me with design.”

And on May 4th Brandon’s candles will have its own storefronts.

Brandon Bechtel, Owner, Brandon’s Candles: “Just everything about our products local, and were able to sell it nationally. Why couldn’t we sell it locally then.”

Which he’ll be managing from his dorm room at Temple University, enrolling in the Fox honors Business School for the Fall.

Brandon Bechtel, Owner, Brandon’s Candles: “I’ve seen many stories of people who started businesses in college I haven’t really read any of someone taking a business into college.”

Although he may be the one giving the lessons they’re in Telford Justin back over 69 news.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Candle. Brandon had always wanted to make candles. He had always wanted to make candles since he was a little boy. True or false?

Lamp. Did a neighbor suggest that he make and sell candles? Did a friend teach and show him how to make candles?

Stove, Oven. From the beginning, Brandon made perfect candles. Is this right or wrong? Now are his candles nice and beautiful?

Cupboard. Are his candles made from synthetic materials from China?

Sink. Did Brandon learn to make the best candles (only) from YouTube?

Refrigerator. His little brother and sister helps him make and sell candles. Is this correct or incorrect?

Freezer. Is Brandon going to make candles full-time? What is he going to do now?
Television. Are candles popular in your city, region and country?

Carpet, Rug. Have you or your friends made candles before?

Curtains. Do you know anyone who makes and sells candles or other crafts?

Stereo Set. Would you or your friends like to have a candle-making business? Would you like to make other handicrafts?

Computer, Desktop. What might happen in the future?

Bookcase. What should teachers, students and people do?

Cabinet. Do you have any ideas to make and sell something?

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