Canary Island house

A Home in Elese

Belen invites viewers to her home.


towel respect professional
glad kind of veterinarian/vet
lay typical funny (2)
move cable (2) buy/bought/bought
shed reason China (2)
mess keep (2) vegetation
lush pick (3) incredible
cabin festival pilgrimage
saint patron particular
thrill serve (2) household
object special salt-shaker
shake lawyer embroider
settle promise around (2)
place outside equipment
wish remind that’s it/that’s all






Hello, I live in Elese in El Hierro. And this is my house.

We settled in Elese for professional reasons. My husband is a vet. And I’m a lawyer.

They told us, if we moved here, we’ll lay the first phone cable in town. This is our living room. There’s a funny story about it.

When we bought it, this was just a typical house. And this was kind of a shed for equipment. And it also served as a place to keep animals. Elese is incredibly beautiful.

And the vegetation is lush. There are flowers everywhere. You don’t have to go to a flower shop.

You can just pick them yourself, outside. This is a picture of the bajada. It’s a religious festival.

Every four years the people of El Hierro go on a pilgramage to visit our patron saint, the virgin of the three magi.

This cabin is very special. I’ve always liked china and household objects.

My parents knew that. I was a typical little girl. I was thrilled to be given a salt shaker or a tea towel. But only if it was embroidered of course.

I like to have all these things around me. They remind me of a particular place or person or a story. And that makes me very happy.

This is my daughter Valen’s room. But she made me promise not to show it to you because it’s a mess. And I respect her wish.

And that’s it. That was my house. I’m glad you could come see my living room.

All the best to you. Good bye.


*      *      *      *      *      *      *



1. Belen and her husband have always lived in the house. True or false?

2. Do they live in a big, industrial city?

3. Her house used to be a farmhouse. Is this right or wrong?

4. Is this a arid, desert region?

5. What happens every four years?

6. Does she like decorations? What are some of Belen’s decorations and collections?

7. Why do they make her happy?

8. Did she show her daughter’s room? Why didn’t she show it?

A. Are you from the Canary Islands? Do you live on the Canary Islands? Have you ever visited the Canary Islands?

B. Have you met anyone from the Canary Islands? Who were they? What were they doing?

C. Describe the climate and geography of the Canary Islands.

D. Describe the economy of the Canary Islands. What does it import and export?

E. Does the Canary Islands have any problems or challenges?

F. What’s the food in the Canary Islands like? Describe the cuisine?

G. What are some tourist attractions (cultural, historical, natural)?

H. What do you associate with the Canary Islands? What comes to mind when you think of the Canary Islands?

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