can may permission prohibition 3

Can and May, 3

Permission and Prohibition



24. What can legal immigrants in the EU or US do? What are they not allowed to do?

25. What are undocumented immigrants (illegal aliens) in the EU or US allowed and not allowed to do?

26. What are minors (citizens under legal age of responsibility, usually 18) not allowed to do?


Violations, Infringements

27. Are people allowed to burn flags?

28. Can citizens refuse to pay taxes?

29. Can young men refuse to be drafted (conscripted, inducted) into the military?

30. Can a region secede from the rest of the country? Can a country kick out one of its regions?

31. Private Kohutka is a private, a recruit in the army. Can he disobey an order? What would happen if he doesn’t follow or obey an order?



32. Roger can deride his boss, management, and company. True or false?

33. In your educational system, can students question and challenge their textbooks and teachers?

34. You can resist new ideas and innovations. Yes or no?

35. What can and can’t kings and queens, princes and princess do in the United Kingdom, Spain, Holland, Denmark and Norway? What are their obligations (What do they have to do)?

36. Is Mr. Poppin allowed to disparage and berate the King and Queen of his nation? Can Mark attack (verbally and in writing) the great heroes and leaders of his nation?


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