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The world of business includes a tremendous variety of products and services, some of which we may never see. For example, many people think of a car as the product of an assembly line in a plant. But the assembly line is only the final stage of a long process involving many companies.

To be continued . . .

Money and Profits

12. Can you market, promote and advertise effectively?

13. Do you or your friend know how to buy, sell and trade stocks, bonds and shares?

14. Do you or your friend know how to generate profits?

15. My friend get a loan from a bank, or otherwise raise capital. Yes or no?

16. Do you know how to turn a failing business around?

Paperwork, Legal work

17. Do you know how to do taxes? Do you know the tax codes? Can you find “loopholes” or otherwise minimize paying taxes?

18. Can you keep accurate, meticulous, detailed records of everything?

19. Do you know how to write reports?

20. I can you draw up and write contracts. True or false?


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