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These companies include producers of batteries, glass, steel, tyres, and upholstery. Manufacturing a car also requires the services of such people as draughtsmen, engineers, and tool-and-die makers. Business also includes advertising, selling, and other marketing activities.

Paperwork, Legal work

21. Can you abide by and implement government rules and regulations regarding business?

22. Can you translate texts and act as an interpreter? For which languages?

23. Do you know how to deal with auditors, inspectors, regulators, litigation lawyers and tax collectors?

Business Strategy

24. Can you or your friend start up a new business? Have you ever done so?

25. My friend and I can manage a business, office and employees. Yes or no?

26. Do you know how to import and export goods, to the best sources and markets?

27. Can you do consulting work? If yes, what do you consult?

28. My friend and I can work as a freelancer, be self-employed. True or false?


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