Can: Ability, two

Can: Ability; Being Able To, Know How to Do Something
The modal auxiliary verb can has several meanings:

1. Can means to being able or know how to do something (I can swim).
2. Can also expresses being allowed to or having the right to do something (People 18 and over can vote).
3. Can’t describes an improbability (You must be joking. You can’t be serious.)

In this lesson, we go over the first meaning.




D. Social, People

I can give a speech or make a presentation in front of an audience. Yes or no? How does it feel? How did it feel the first time?

Can you raise and look after children?

Blue. What can rich people do that middle class and working class people can’t?

What can poor people do?

Green. I can tell good stories and jokes. True or false? What about your friends?



F. “Natural-Born” Talents and Abilities

Orange. What can very talented people be or do?

Purple, Violet. Can dogs do things better than humans? What can dolphins, bats, hawks, owls, cats, whales do better than people?

Red. What can very beautiful women and very handsome men be, do or have that average people can’t.

White. Women can do certain things better than men. Yes or no? What can women do better than men? What jobs can women perform better than men?

Yellow. What can very smart individuals or geniuses do? What jobs do smart individuals typically do? Do you know of geniuses who are not particularly successful? Describe them (but don’t mention their name).



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